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Phil Busse

Phil Busse

Walkabout Brewing Company is a legacy. A second-generation brewery (which, let’s recognize, is rare), Cameron Litton adopted the space and place from his father, an Australian transplant (and, hence, the name, walkabout). Like many sons taking over their father’s business, the younger Litton has preserved some of the traditions, but

Less than two years ago, two married couples in Grants Pass teamed up to start Weekend Beer Company. It was a modest proposition, but grew quickly—and after only four months of operation and pouring beers, Weekend Beer Co. already had picked up enough fans and community support to grab several

Sure, COVID has blanketed stage performances with storm clouds, but a silver lining for the performing arts has been than costs for presenting shows has been dramatically reduced—specifically, producing virtual festivals has been remarkable for the savings offered by eliminating travel expenses. (Right? Let’s find some positive spin!) With a

Agent Orange is one of the horrors of the Vietnam War. A defoliant produced by DOW Chemical and dropped from war planes; burning trees as well as people, it was like raining fire—and, has continued to plagued southeast Asia for decades with poisoned water sources and human deformities. Banned from

A remarkable archival project and an emotional rollercoaster, 17 Blocks was filmed over 20 years and tells the story about one family that lives in Washington DC, but more broadly about the problems and pitfalls for many poor black families in America. Living just blocks from the U.S. Capital, the

Through the Night is a documentary as tender as it is painful; tender in the moments it captures at a daycare center, painful in the recognition of the parents’ stresses. Focused on a 24-hour daycare that provides for parents who work off-hours, often overnight shifts, the movie addresses one of

Sara Bristol stepped into the mayor position in Grants Pass with a certain gusto–and a promise to celebrate what’s great about the city, but also not to shy away from its problems. As she finishes her first busy month as the mayor, the Messenger asked a few questions. Rogue Valley Messenger: In your

Bill Clinton was still president when Tracy Chavez was pulled over in Phoenix, Oregon. It was a minor traffic violation, but the result was a $200 fine—an amount she could not afford outright, and over the past decades only has grown with overdue fines and menace. The debt is so