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Olivia Doty

Olivia Doty

Everything marijuana comes out into the light at The Hemp and Cannabis Fair Last August, the first Hemp and Cannabis fair at the Jackson County Expo attracted over 2500 visitors, and on Sunday, even drew an after-church crowd. Yes, there was a rush of visitors to the “everything marijuana” fair

Local Activism for Marijuana Politics Heats up As local governments scramble to adopt new measures and regulations to determine how marijuana growing and retailing will look in each city and county, citizens are rushing to participate. Recent city and county hearings seem to be the social highlight of the week these days. So

On a planet, not too different than ours, a young girl’s parents are gardeners. They grow a special plant many revere for its medicinal properties, as well as for the way it makes them “feel silly,” but  the “Kings” think it is bad. And so is the story of “The

It’s a little different for the ladies. At the most basic level, women’s bodies react differently. THC, stored in body fat, sticks around in women’s bodies a bit longer, making it easier for women to build a tolerance. Beyond that, for a long time, the black market marijuana industry has

The numbers don’t lie. With recreational sales of marijuana in Oregon smashing Colorado and Washington’s first week records, the word on the street is that dispensaries across the state are struggling to keep up with demand. Which most likely means, even with the explosion of new gardens this summer, there

Fall harvest in Southern Oregon is here, full force. With no rain expected in the next while, it appears that a long, warm dry fall is ahead. Which bodes well for a fruitful harvest. It also means that the Valley is filling up with people that are ready get to

Legal cannabis business in Oregon is literally blooming, everywhere. And at the root of this boom is growers, the farmer who spends the seasons preparing for planting, preparing for growing, and preparing for the harvest. And then starting all over again. While there are many Oregonians who excitedly planted their

  Mary Poppins was onto something. And we don’t mean dancing with cartoon animals. That’s definitely a red flag of some sort. We mean the whole spoonful of sugar making the medicine go down. It’s something we think about a lot here in the newsroom at The Messenger as truth—what