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Nolan Kenmonth

Nolan Kenmonth

It is not a logical extension that a wedding photo and event planning service would birth a film company that makes horror films. Or, perhaps it sounds like a plot from a horror film itself, a wedding that turns to gore. But that is, somewhat, how ROW 211 came about.

For those who celebrate Christmas, cutting and decorating a Christmas tree often stands among the happiest holiday memories. With the recent shortage of trees, though, it may seem tricky to find a tree to harvest without going the store-bought artificial route. Thankfully there are still options for fresh trees, and

Halloween may be behind us, but thanks to horror creators and fans, the films created from the twisted corners of the human imagination know no season. What is it about horror that fascinates us? Do we enjoy being scared, and scaring one another? Perhaps it’s stimulating to see how far

Halloween is a time for shadows and chilling wind, a time for laughter and frightful sneers of pumpkin faces, a time for Trick-or-Treating! This favorite tradition of All Hallow’s Eve is alive and well in the Rogue Valley this year. So, if you are brave enough (and have enough of

Autumn is here once again, and with it comes to glorious bounty of the harvest. The shadows grow longer, the golden sunsets set the sky on fire, and smells like wood, caramel and straw bring back memories of harvest traditions and happy Halloween nights. When approaching the Harry & David

They say that true lifelong friends are the ones who can appear after years of distance or silence, and greet you as if they had never left. Cesc Gay’s film Truman gives us a look at one such friendship. Our protagonists: Julian, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and

Our actions define us. They shape how the rest of the world perceives us, the possibilities open to us, and our relationships with those around us. The motivations behind our more wayward actions, if not carefully controlled, can drive us to destroy ourselves, and one another. And when these actions