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Mike Kirkwood

Mike Kirkwood

2 Yoke Design is a four year old interior design firm focused on bringing sustainable, healthy practices into their design. The firm started in Portland, but recently moved to Southern Oregon. Even more recently, I sat down with Brienne Wasmer, who opened the business at her home in Central Point,

Aquaponics is a fairly simple equation, at least in concept: A mash-up of raising fish and using that water for hydroponic-based vegetable growing. It is a process that The Farming Fish, a 40-acres farm located in the Evans Valley near Rogue River, say “emulate(s) the symbiosis of nature.” In doing

Cars and busses are whizzing by as I’m sitting down outside Case Coffee in Ashland with Cammy Davis. We are right across from Southern Oregon University, and she is telling about her experience as a painter, and more recently, the art of being in business as an artist. Rogue Valley

Two years ago, Cassandra Davis and her partner Joshua Graner started Essential Wipes, a simple specialty wipe using natural ingredients. It has taken off! Already, they have filled more than 10,000 orders and are waiting to hear if NASA will pick them up as a contractor. On a recent autumn

Somewhere in the triangle of farmland between Central Point, Medford, and Jacksonville, I am driving the country roads on a recent brisk autumn day. I’m heading this way to visit Fry Family Farm. Started in 1990, they are a true family farm; the oldest daughter recently returned to help with