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Mike Dickenson

Mike Dickenson

Mike started writing in elementary school and never looked back, though is still not a big fan of cursive. He got his first big break when he was picked up by the Elko Daily Free Press as a freelance writer during his two year-long hitchhiking stint from Nevada to Argentina. He currently lives in Ashland.

Candy, candy, candy! With so many houses to hit on a single night, it’s important to plan ahead. Find the neighborhood best for you, grab your favorite outfit, and relive your glory days through your children’s trick-or-treating.  Ashland Railroad District: Everyone knows that Ashland’s Halloween Parade is where you go

Forget Pinterest, forget Instagram: With just a few more weeks left of fall foliage, Rogue Valley residents can find numerous trails that meander for miles under a colorful canopy. Below are just a few easy and convenient hikes to keep you and the kiddos oohing and ahhing for the rest

Years ago, the farm was often the spoke of the community. People relied on knowing their farmer because he or she was in charge of growing their food. These days, though, it is often easier to grab a box of cereal at the grocery store than pick up a box

At roughly $200 for a pound of trimmed marijuana, it’s no wonder why people flock to our area from all over the country to take advantage of “the harvest.” Much like the migrant workers of the 1950’s, Trimmigrants, as they’re called, travel from farm to farm (or basement to basement),

How Much America Can You America, America? It ain’t easy living in the greatest country on earth. With so many awesome things to be patriotic about, come July 4th the patriotic pressure can get downright overwhelming. Luckily, with a bit of careful planning the average Patriotic American can cram every

Dancing, sex, and Nazis—and kind of in that order, actually. Ahh Cabaret. Whether it was the scantily-dressed women, the dancing gorilla, or those damn rascally Nazis, the early June audience was so captivated by the performance of Cabaret that a pin drop could be heard during those pregnant theatrical pauses.

How will the LNG affect water-based tourism in Southern Oregon? According to the American Sportsfishing Association, Oregon ranks seventh for non-resident fishing destinations for visiting anglers. That’s hundreds of thousands of visitors spending tens of millions and generating somewhere between 8,000-15,000 jobs. But for nearly a decade, Oregon has found itself