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The Rogue Valley Messenger publishes, Southern Oregon's daily alternative for community news and arts & entertainment. Covering Merlin to Mt. Ashland and Crater Lake to Cave Junction, delivers high-quality and engaging information to the public while providing local businesses with innovative and cost-effective marketing solutions including advertising, social media promotions, press services, and editorial search engine marketing. The Rogue Valley Messenger also offers a wide array of media services, including graphic design, start-up assistance, business strategy, branding, band bookings and press, event production, email marketing, SEO, SEM and many others.

Sexual battery’s definition is the act of making unwanted and sexually offensive contact with an intimate body part of another person or causing the other person to fear such contact. Private body parts include sexual organs, the anus, a person’s groin or buttocks, and a female’s breasts. Battery occurs when

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years and social media has become a huge driving force in this realm. Social media is responsible for creating somewhat of a blueprint for a lot of the ways that online stores operate and online store owners can learn a lot and

Domestic violence is a power imbalance inside the household that results in physical, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse. Although it usually only happens inside the confines of a house, it can largely affect a victim’s life, including their job and profession. Domestic violence adversely impacts the emotional, mental, physical, and

A minor car accident is often overlooked because people believe a polite discussion can resolve it. However, whether it’s just scratched on your vehicle or a minor injury caused by a minor car accident, you should still be prepared for the consequences of your actions. This is the reason why

This pandemic made us all understand how crucial delivery businesses are in society. Because of the limitations imposed by Covid-19, we are only permitted to leave our homes for legitimate purposes such as work, medication, and the purchase of essentials. We are no longer authorized to go on shopping sprees

It’s been quite amazing to see the growing number of people passionate about saving the planet! The term “organic” has become a thing that people can now incorporate into their daily lives.  Without now having to pay a fortune and many brands, including many natural beauty products, are focusing on

Meir Schneider, Ph.D, LMT, is an international author, health educator, pioneer therapist and founder of the San Francisco-based non-profit School for Self-Healing. His publications include The Natural Vision Improvement Kit, Movement for Self-Healing, Vision for Life and Awakening the Power of Self-Healing. On May 14 & 15,  Schneider will teach workshops

Have you tried just about every skincare tip in the book and still seem to have bad skin? Are you trying to clear up you skin and just don’t know how to do it effectively? There are so many different skincare routines available online for people to adopt, and there

Today, we spend hours at our desks. We don’t just work at PCs but also chat with mates, play at PlayAmo Australia, and even visit museums online. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to problems with health. If you want to avoid such issues, start eating better. These tips will help

If you live in Oregon, you know it’s one of the most gorgeous US states. The forests are breathtaking, and if you live near one, as so many Oregonians do, you can enjoy tons of outdoor activities every year. This year, in particular, is one where Oregon residents are likely