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Melissa Haskin

Melissa Haskin

Melissa Haskin is a food and writer currently living in Southern Oregon. She recently returned after spending several years eating her way through the South and East including stints in Birmingham, Alabama where she worked at Cooking Light magazine, Emmaus, Pennsylvania where she mostly ate pierogies, but also worked at Men's Health magazine, and Burlington, Vermont where she worked as a staff food and drink writer at an alt-weekly.
A native Oregonian, she enjoys the rain and copious amounts of coffee. She has been known to sneak just about anything into a movie, including crème brûlées, salads, and once a popsicle. When it comes to writing, Melissa’s main, and favorite topics are food and drink. She particularly enjoys people-forward stories where she can dig in and learn what local food makers and producers go through each day.

Chef Mario Chavez has been cooking in Southern Oregon kitchens for over twenty years. For each of those years, he was striving towards one thing: to have his own restaurant. In 2016, he accomplished that by opening Onyx at the Nunan Estate with his wife, Liz Chavez. Despite the stress

Ever thought to yourself: “I wish this restaurant would serve my salad atop a waffle”? Well, at Rogue Eats, you can have your salad any way you want it, including on a waffle. In fact, you can have your meal in a wrap, as a salad, on a bun, or

In 2011, NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” introduced us to Treat Yo Self Day. It’s not a birthday or Christmas, but a day of the year when you splurge on yourself. In the words of Tom and Donna, “Clothes? Treat yoself. Fragrances? Treat yoself. Massages? Treat yoself. Mimosas? Treat yoself.” There’s

Sushi restaurants can easily be a wallet’s enemy. You know how there’s that saying that you never have just one drink? It seems like that’s the case with sushi, too. Never have I ordered a single sushi roll with nothing else. For one, I like myself, so I feed myself

This summer I returned to the Rogue Valley. I left in 2007 to attend college at Oregon State University, continued on to University of Oregon for graduate studies and then piled my car with everything I owned and drove to Birmingham, Alabama to work at Cooking Light Magazine. From there,

The Rogue Valley has a bounty of dining options. At many of these establishments, it’s easy to drop $30 or more on dinner and drinks for a single person. However, eating well doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money. Enter our new column: $10 Eats. In this

(Actually That is Up to You, But These Local Juices Can Help) As Thanksgiving fades into the past and January approaches, health and weight loss take center stage for many. The obvious answer often times is to up fruit and vegetable intake. Thing is, it’s not always as easy as

When Rise Up! Artisan Breads launched in 2007, it was a mailbox-only bakery. Owners Jo Ferneau and Rosie Demmin would bake 50 to 70 loaves of bread each week, then deliver it to neighbors’ postboxes. Those early days helped the duo fine-tune the bread that buyers can find in stores,

The Ashland Culinary Festival will kick off Thursday, November 3 and continue through November 6. Now in its 10th year, the Festival attracts 1,000 to 1,500 event attendees per year, according to Kelsey Frantz, Projects & Special Events Coordinator for the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, who organizes the event. If

From Anderson Valley Brewing Company to Standing Stone Brewing Company, Acacia Cooper (pronounced Uh-KAY-shuh), 28, has an impressive rap sheet. Originally from Bend, Cooper joined Climate City Brewing in late May as their new brewmaster, taking the spot of Brandon Crews who left for Wild River Brewing and Pizza Co.