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Jen Matteis

Jen Matteis

Jason Couch is a Native American, a veteran, chaplain at the Phoenix Grange, and a 55-year resident of the Phoenix area. He’s also a blacksmith, a jeweler, and a documentary film-maker. He’s helped earn Phoenix a designation as a “Bee City,” keeps an eye on important issues around town, and

Picture downtown Ashland. Go on, try it. If your image involves cigarette smoke, panhandlers, and buskers on the sidewalks, you’re not alone. But as of this month, the image may no longer be accurate. Earlier this year, the Ashland City Council voted to increase police presence in the downtown to

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope wait it’s definitely a bird. For this issue’s Public Profile we sat down with former Board member and current columnist for Rogue Valley Audubon Society, Jeff Tufts. We discussed the bird population in the valley, threats to their ecosystem, and the costs of

  Really, for as long as Ashland has been a city, Nevada Street has been divided into two portions, east and west, by Bear Creek. But a proposed $6 million bridge would connect the segments—a plan that is enthusiastically supported by developers, but has many residents worried it will forever

Ben Farlow is a local facilitator for SMART Recovery, a group that provides an alternative approach to dealing with addictions of all kinds. Rogue Valley Messenger: What exactly is SMART Recovery, and who might benefit from it? Ben Farlow: SMART stands for self-management and recovery training. We view addictive behaviors