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Jacob Scheppler

Jacob Scheppler

Although based in Medford, filmmaker Ray Nomoto Robison has cultural ties to East Asian traditions, a versatility that gives his work a unique essence of vibrancy and dualism, a  “biformity” that may just reach its apex in a film currently in production, An Affair Remains. “An Affair Remains came about

Miracles can come in unexpected forms, and in certain cases they can even come in the form of a seductive reggae-electronica duo. The Burton brothers were both born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder which leads to severe lung and kidney problems, and were told they would only live to

One hundred and seventeen years ago, when the Rogue Valley as we know it was still in its nascent stages, the Talent Train Depot was established, releasing the village from its isolation. In this age of globalization, when trains have become an obsolete commodity, the depot has been remodeled into

Between the young exiting in droves, and the old moving here in equal numbers, the Rogue Valley is a bit like the Iowa of the Pacific Northwest: charming and homely, but ultimately a few years behind on the latest fads. Consequently, the pervading musical milieu in local clubs is often

“I started writing as soon as I could fumble through a couple chords,” says Lompoc, California based guitarist Jacob Edward Cole, who will be performing at Johnny B’s in Medford on Thur., July 13. “Nothing great but I’ve always loved it.” That youthful exploration of sound still shows in the

The luminescent cavern of Nevada’s Basin and Range National Monument viewed from the precipice. A vivid and vibrant creek that is part of the vast Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in Northern California. The snow dusted and silent mountains of our very own Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. These breathtaking images and

There are few things more cohesive and unifying than a music festival sans consumerism and commercialism. People become companions in the immeasurable shared experience. In French, Mélomane means “for the love of music” or “music lover,” and it became the name of a Medford based festival that aimed to foster

Sages and philosophers come in many forms. From children spouting pithy yet insightful proclamations, as if they had just figured out some hidden perennial truth, to a venerable elder who can change your life over the course of an ad-lib monologue. However, as ancient as humankind is the process of

As someone who spent his childhood in suburban Texas, having the opportunity to living in the Rogue Valley is a blessing. There is a sublime duality between city life and rural life, at times they even seem to coexist as a singular entity. Still, walking through palisades of concrete and

Humans, however removed from the natural world we may find ourselves, seem to always uncover an intrinsic attraction to the forests we used to roam through. Whether an urbanite is filing their taxes or a rural farmer is busy laboring away, mortals become so preoccupied in mundane monetary endeavors that