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Dr. Cory Tichauer

Dr. Cory Tichauer

For over 10 years, Dr. Tichauer's practice has been focused on the treatment of tick-borne illness, environmental medicine, chronic neurodegenerative diseases, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. He is a fellowship-trained member of ILADS and well versed in mold and biotoxin illness. Practicing from an integrative medical model, he combines the benefits of pharmaceutical medications with diet and natural therapies designed to stimulate recovery and restore health.

An unfortunate dice roll of genetic susceptibility and environmental exposure, immune dysregulation underlies almost every chronic illness on some level and encompasses a wide range of conditions to varying degrees of severity. From simple inhalant allergies to life-threatening autoimmune diseases, more than a third of the population of America deals

This topic is one I hold in high regard as medicine commonly grapples with an inability to provide an actionable diagnosis for the rising number of chronically ill people in the US. The CDC currently lists 6 in ten adults as having a chronic disease and 4 in ten adults

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends in healthcare and restorative medicine you’ve likely encountered the growing topic of intravenous vitamin therapy. Recently popularized by celebrities such as Adele, Chrissy Teigen and numerous professional athletes, IV vitamin and nutrient drips are being used with increasing popularity to both

If you’ve been paying attention, you have plenty of reason to feel this way! The beauty of springtime in the Rogue Valley, majestic though it may be, is not without its harsh reminders. In my practice, this means dealing with the seasonal surge in patients with recent tick bites. An

So, you’ve done some deep thinking since the last article and you’re concerned that you might be suffering from symptoms of mold illness/chronic inflammatory response syndrome. You may have even identified an exposure time and place and can directly link it to an issue with water damage in that building.

Does this title sound like a familiar topic to you?  Do you feel like your quality of life is always teetering around the question of “what can I eat” or “will there be a bathroom”? Is gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation a recurring theme in your life? If you can

Cold weather, gray skies and less hours of sunlight is a familiar shift in reality for those of us living in more northerly climates of the world.  For many, this change of seasons is a welcome reprieve from the heat and interminable sunny days of our long southern Oregon summers.

You did it. You made it. The heat, the sun, the water, the barbeques, the concerts, the travel, the cocktails, the laughs and the welcome time off from work: You came, you saw and you won!  It’s time to catalog all those memories, catch your breath and bask in the

With school out and the heat of summer in full effect, we all look forward to getting away with friends and family. Whether your destination is a river, a concert venue, or another country, the goal for all of us is making the most out of our vacation time. The