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Charles Fischman

Charles Fischman

Charles Fischman writes about life in the Rogue Valley. He plans to write a memoir about Volvo station wagons as soon as he discovers how to save humanity from itself.

Nickel’s main value is its ability to form alloys, or combinations of metal, such as stainless steel. Recently, another alloy proved stronger in Southwest Oregon. Over 170 businesses (from breweries to guide services), 47 conservation and outdoor recreation groups (from Friends of the Kalmiopsis to the Native Fish Society), 19

The Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting ecologically valuable land in Southern Oregon, has successfully completed its Heart of the Rogue Campaign to raise $3.5 million for the purchase and management of the anticipated “Rogue River Preserve,” a rare, intact 352-acre property along the Rogue River

It is perhaps ironic that the Common Block Brewing Company, a key addition to the ongoing revival of downtown Medford, is located in a building which helped erode downtown in the first place. The new brewpub occupies the 1947 Leever Motor Company building on 5th Street. Here, Rogue Valleyers purchased

The Colestin Valley is on Southern Oregon’s fringe, somewhat remote and rugged, prized by its residents. It fits independent director Alex Cox whose punk-rock-seasoned films (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Walker) simultaneously inspire and infuriate. After teaching at the University of Colorado from 2010 to 2015, he has just published

The neighborhood bar faces the same threat to survival as neighborhoods themselves: digital distractions, disengagement … weed. Far easier to pull on sweats, cruise cable/satellite, and tap your FB Friends’ curated posts, right? Yet, the local bar—distant relation to village pubs or German beer gardens—hangs on in the Rogue Valley.

In the holiday spirit, the Messenger’s Drink Local Research Department considered egg nog, seriously contemplated mulled wine, and almost pursued hot beer concoctions. Then, we stumbled upon Ponche Navideño, Mexican “Christmas Punch,” and figured we would find it as plentiful as tamales, another Mexican holiday tradition, in the Rogue Valley.

Carla David, the owner and winemaker of Wild Wines in the Applegate Valley, does not follow trails. She forages in wild lands for Oregon grape berries or elderberries. She drifts through meadows gathering dandelion flowers. And, although her winery is on the Applegate Valley Wine Trail, she produces wines far

One of the highlights from last year’s Tinkerfest—an event that embodies so many facets of its do-it-yourself title—was an energetic robot presented by the Ashland High School Robotics Club. The robot pounced on playground balls with the fervor of a Labrador Retriever, and would fire them with the precision of

The fall harvest has inspired the brewers at Ashland’s Caldera Brewing. They have created two seasonal beers—Fresh Hops and Roasted Hatch Chile—to complement the existing cornucopia on tap at the Brew House restaurant and the downtown Tap House. The beer drinking public is fortunate. The Fresh Hops brew is intriguing.