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Charles Fischman

Charles Fischman

Charles Fischman writes about life in the Rogue Valley. He plans to write a memoir about Volvo station wagons as soon as he discovers how to save humanity from itself.

We Answer Questions about Monuments The debate over President Obama’s expansion of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is as complex as the ecosystem of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. To the (in alphabetical order) botanists, business-owners, campers, ecologists, entomologists, environmentalists, evolutionary biologists, foresters, geologists, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, Native peoples,

Cocktails are an adult activity. They are not grabbing a brewskie with compadres. They are not sipping chilled Pinot Gris on the deck while the kids run rampant through the backyard. Cocktails are intentional. They smooth away rough edges, calm frayed nerves. A drink can reduce left-brain chatter just enough

Like the burning streets of Hamburg, 15th century England degenerates amidst belligerence and civil war. Seditious forces seek to subvert the crown of King Henry IV, while he is ill and despondent at home, conjoining his jeweled crown with striped pajamas. The tempestuous clamor of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Henry IV

A rookie director working with a cast of the A-list, veteran actors in town. Intense competition for the season’s hottest tickets amongst the town’s citizens, and potentially crushing disappointment for those who won’t get a seat. A courageous band of selfless believers in live community theater battling colossal media companies

The Drink Local Research Department often meets perfectionists. The brewer perpetually combining malt, hops, and yeast to keep taps flowing and beer geeks buzzing. The winemaker watching grapes on the vine with a scientist’s eye and an artist’s instinct. The distiller, practicing monkish patience, waiting for the critical moment when

You are not likely to stop at Cafe Ruch. Part of the Ryan’s Outpost complex at entrance to the Applegate Valley—farm and garden store, dentist, hardware—It is not on any “Rogue Valley Cafe Trail,” nor is it an über-trendy, farm-to-table hangout for Californians. The sign outside promises wine and beer,

Dear Dawn and Mary, I had the very fortunate opportunity to see the respective plays you directed, The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Odyssey at OSF’s Allen Elizabethan Theater on opening night. In short, the shows delivered an excellent evening’s entertainment. You both faced serious challenges in the material

(Editor’s Note: The Drink Local Column makes anonymous visits to randomly chosen vineyards and wineries to discover the truth about wine—De Vino Veritas—in Southern Oregon.) What causes you to change your mind about a place? When you step out onto the balcony at Paschal Winery, the stunning views of the

Thirty years ago, the answer to “what’s on tap?” was generally “Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors,” maybe “Michelob” in an especially daring establishment. Even finding a bar that served Bass or Guiness required the adventurous spirit of legendary ‘80’s film explorer, Indiana Jones. No one possibly mistakes Craft Beer

You heard about a cool bar at the Elks Club. And then you wondered, “is Craft Beer dead?” You care less about what is coming out of the taps than the vibe. Are bar-sitters absorbed in their screen universe, or do they move down a stool to make room for