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Around the World in a Photo: Photographer Pat Moore at Café 116

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arroundthewordl2Displaying art in coffee shops is perhaps one of the most democratic art galleries around, an easy way to take the snobbery out of, well, displaying art. Moreover, with every piece of art sold at Café 116, the commission goes toward Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA), an organization that awards Ashland high school students in the arts with scholarships and grants funded by donations and volunteers.

“I think it’s a great thing, and I think it can work both ways,” says Pat Moore, this month’s featured artist at Café 116.

His photography has been shown at various festivals throughout the West, though the content is from around the world, spanning different cultures and emphasizing its vibrant colors. The theme of Moore’s exhibit is titled “Abstractions From Abroad.”

“Most of them are abstract in nature,” he says about his pictures. “Rarely do I go out taking photographs and say, ‘Okay, this is what I’m going to achieve.’ When I go to foreign countries in particular, I walk. And it isn’t really going for any kind of particular subject matter.”

The image titled “Ancient Crossroads,” taken in Marrakech, Morocco, shows a horse in focus, while the background, and the people within it, are out of focus. The time of day is early evening. Moore’s eye for brightness captures buildings seemingly on fire by the setting sun, while those walking around bear shades of blue.

When it comes to the editing process, Moore says, “Everything goes through photoshop because it’s a digital process to be what it needs to be.” Though photoshop is easily looked down upon, Moore embraces it as a reality. “Everybody messes around with their photographs,” he says. “That’s the art of photography.”

With about 45 years of experience in photography, Moore speaks of an upbringing where everyone took pictures in his family. Moore’s deepening interest in photography spanning generations has also been influenced by many well-known photographers and artists, such as the elegance of Ansel Adams and the detail-oriented eye of Georgia O’Keefe.


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