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Argentina, Ho! Meet You at CABA

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Gerardo and Laura

It had been a long, exhausting week, but when two friends and I rolled into CABA located on Central Ave in Medford. I was ready to eat and unwind. I had no idea what to expect from Argentinian food and without the suggestion of my friend, Melynda, who runs the Hungry Hustle Walking Tour in Medford, I likely would not have known about this relatively new location started in 2017 by Gerardo and Laura. You may be familiar with the CABA food truck, but now you can sit down and relax inside their cozy permanent spot and savor the flavors even when the temperature drops.

Argentina, located in the southern half of South America, offers a blend of Mediterranean and Native American influences in its traditional cuisine. CABA is a small intimate restaurant open only Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm representing this large countries’ tasty offerings quite well. Known for their empanadas, we began by sampling the Malbec Beef option. “Pieces of slow beef roasted in Malbec wine reduction with onions, carrots, diced potatoes and spices.” Let me warn you that its contents are so well-contained in this homemade organic pouch that you can burn your mouth if you are as eager as I was to get a taste. My friend suggested that you break the empanada open, allow the spice-laden smells and steaming goodness to breathe, give it a minute to cool, and then take a bite. She was right. Natural and local meat is used to produce this satisfying un-sandwich which is both healthy and nourishing. 

Though I have to say that I enjoyed the next sample we tried even better. The beef empanada option contained organic ground beef, onions, red peppers, scallions, eggs, green olives and spices. It felt like a hearty meat pie to me without the wine. Whichever option you choose (there are eight different ones to select from including a vegan choice), try the Chimichurri sauce along with it. It is so tasty and fresh and blends well with the empanada’s internal consistency. The sauce is made from parsley, garlic, spices, pure olive oil, canola oil and red wine vinegar.

For those of you who are gluten-free, I highly-recommend the dessert option called, Alfajores. These are Argentinian cookies made from corn starch instead of flour with a sweet Dulce de leche (sugar of milk) in between that tasted a bit like caramel to me. The other desert option choices are sweet-filled empanadas like “Banana & Nutella.” I bought three more to bring home to the gluten-free members of my family. They approved! 


10 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday
137 South Central Ave., Medford
(541) 631-9260


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