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Are Psilocybe Mushrooms Legal In Canada?

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Psilocybe mushroom is a kind of mushroom that possesses a hallucinogenic and proactive compound called psilocybin. The mushroom is quite famous globally, which is why it has many street names. They call psilocybe mushrooms other names such as toppings, caps, Alice, or shrooms. But out of all the street names, “magic mushrooms” is commonly used to call a psilocybe mushroom in different areas of the world.

These types of mushrooms are considered as some type of drugs to other countries, which is why they restrict any kind of production, possession, and selling of psilocybin. There are also other places such as Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz that legalize the buying, using, and cultivating of magic mushrooms. But what about Canada, you ask? Well, Canada is known to be the home for some of the highest quality magic mushrooms worldwide.

In fact, you can find reputable Canadian sellers online like Buy Mushroom Canada, which sells a variety of magic mushroom products. These websites also provide guidance and information about the recommended dosage and limitations for their products. Before purchasing magic mushrooms, make sure that you have enough information first. To start filling you up, let us first tackle the legality of magic mushrooms in Canada.

Are “magic mushrooms” or Psilocybe mushrooms legal in Canada?

During the past years, magic mushrooms were illegal in Canada because magic mushrooms have psilocybin, an illegal ingredient. But just recently, Health Canada announced the legalization of using magic mushrooms for special cases and exempted persons. Some facilities which provide different kinds of therapy are also allowed to use magic mushrooms as part of their healing therapy.

There is even a therapy called psilocybin therapy which involves using magic mushrooms to treat depression or terminal illness. Some health companies in Vancouver, Canada, have recently received licenses and permission to do their research on psilocybin. They are also permitted to cultivate magic mushrooms and create products solely for medical purposes.

However, you are only allowed to intake psilocybin if you have mental problems and terminal illness or suffer from depression or anxiety. This was made possible because of the results and reviews from people who have tried using magic mushrooms to cure their depression and traumas.

Here is the scientific explanation behind that thought. Magic mushrooms have psilocybin which is a hallucinogenic compound. This means that if you take in psilocybin in your body, you will experience hallucinations.

According to the permitted users, the hallucination is realistic enough that they were able to touch, hear, see, and somehow smell the things that they are imagining, which gave therapy centers the idea to use psilocybin as a means for treating depression and trauma. Another patient also shared his experience of having clearer and more visual memories, that he actually felt the pain he felt when he was still a child.

He stated that his being bullied when he was still a kid was the reason for his traumas. When he took psilocybin, he slowly overcame his trauma by constantly feeling the pain from his childhood bully every day. After that session, he was fully healed from his depression caused by his trauma.

In conclusion, psilocybe mushrooms are legal in Canada in certain scenarios. You can only use it legally when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or mental problems.

You are also allowed to request psilocybin therapy from your therapist if they allow this method. But some Canadian citizens are hoping that someday, magic mushrooms will be allowed to be used for all, as they think that marijuana offers the same results.



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