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Approachable and Fun: BricktownE is Medford’s Rec Room

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BricktownE Brewery is more than, well, a brewery. It is, yes, also a restaurant, but more than that, they also seem to be positioned to be Medford’s rec room: Monday is trivia night, Tuesdays are free pool all day, and beer pong is on the way. The space is comfortable, with the business’ name apparently derived from a (faux) exposed brick wall. It could as easily have been called “corrugated tin room,” though, as the décor is light industrial with corrugated tin running the length of most of the walls and wrapping the bar and some of the tables.

The brewing tanks are visible from the main room, giving an additionally approach charm.

Everything from their ales to the pickles on the burgers are made in-house.

bricktowne3“Everything we make we make ourselves from scratch. Pickles we make from cucumbers, fries from potatoes and chips from tortillas. We even order raw meat and press our own patties,” explained one of the kitchen staff.

BricktownE seems to have a strong interest in ale, including a Blue Collar Cream Ale, which is less creamy than its name suggests and more “traditional” in terms of a familiar macrobrewery taste and fizz. On the more sturdy end of the ale spectrum, a smooth Table Top Ale is a great red. Like Portal Brewery a short stroll away, there also is a faint allure of an English pub here as well, at least by shuffling porters and stouts into the Pacific Northwest IPAs: A Whiskey Canyon is a traditional rich and thick, but keeping some on its taste on this side of the pond, they add Pendleton Brand whiskey in the secondary process, which also adds rich notes.

BricktownE is commonly busy, but the service is attentive and on a recent visit, I did not see anyone wait for their food or drinks longer than ten minutes.

“We are just really friendly,” explained one of the bartenders. “You can ask almost every employee and they will all say they don’t hate coming to work. They love to bring their own friends here, and you can find most of them hanging out after work.”

A regular couldn’t help by chime in. “The part I love most about BrickTownE is you can either be a big beer drinker or not like beer at all, but they still have a wide variety for all people. I came in not liking beer at all and I tried one of their Crème Brews and loved every drop.”

44 South Central, Medford

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