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An Artful Dispensary: First Fridays at Talent Health Club

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If there’s a place that understands supporting local artists, it’s Talent Health Club. The medical marijuana dispensary dedicates part of its space to feature artists, this period’s being Micah Ofstedahl.

“My wife is an artist and as we’ve moved around, she has found First Fridays to participate in everywhere, from California to Idaho to Oregon,” says Talent Health General Manager Andrew Robinson. “What I’m amazed by is not only, A, the support of local creativity, no matter how ‘lucrative’ it is for the business or artist, but even more impressive is, B, the sense that the community needs a way to showcase itself and gather in an organized manner to remind each other to enjoy such simple pleasures as drinking wine or smoking a joint with friends and appreciating aesthetic beauty and the way art draws us together with the stories it tells.”

Though the shop has undergone new regulations and changes, Robinson considers it a “makeshift gallery” since its opening. “Talent Health club is the perfect industrial-modern space to attract a new kind of cannabis client and showcase hand-selected local art at the same time,” he says.

Robinson says Ofstedahl’s artwork “screamed Dali and surrealism.” Ofstedahl describes his own work as “scientific surrealism.” Which is fitting, whether it’s a curved pattern constructing an unusual object or straight lines creating balance, Ofstedahl uses contrast in a way that highlights harmony between objects and patterns. With the use of shading and lighting, he’s created images somewhat discernible as to what it is, or he’s created something unrecognizable yet striking and gripping. “You can see dedication to craft,” adds Robinson.

The Talent Health Club’s First Fridays consist of light refreshments and snacks, meeting the artist, and even live art demonstrations. Ofstedahl’s surrealism pieces will be on display for at least three months at the shop. Robinson says, “Three months seems to give people time to appreciate the art, think about a purchase, and then get really excited once a new artist’s works show up one day.”

First Fridays at Talent Health Club

Art available for viewing 10 am – 8 pm, Mon. – Sun.

Talent Health Club, 1007 S. Pacific Hwy, Talent

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