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AIFF’s World Film: A Forbidden Romance From Hong Kong, October 3 and 4

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There may be no better year than this one to virtually travel: Ashland Independent Film Festival is hosting their (31st) Varsity World Film Weeks, a collection of films snagged from around the globe – a thriller from Iran, a animation festival from the Netherlands, a noir film from England.

Starting on Friday, and with films available daily, it is high quality escapism. Tickets here.

Octo. 3 & 4:Twilight’s Kiss (Hong Kong)

Ray Yeung’s film Twilight’s Kiss (Suk Suk)(Hong Kong) seems like the standard Romeo-and-Juliet forbidden love story—their eyes meet, they feel drawn to one another, time seems to stop when they are together, and yet their circumstances keep them apart—but it is more than that, more than either of them bargained for.

Pak and Hoi meet in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. While the world hurries around them, they both are beginning to slow down as they enter into retirement, and they each consider what they truly want in life.

Pak is married with two grown children and lives with his wife, supporting them with a career in taxi driving. Hoi is divorced from his wife, and lives with his Protestant son and family. They both have kept their homosexual desires a secret for their entire lives, and when they fall for each other, they manage to keep their relationship hidden as well.

Their story unfolds with dreamlike sequences as they ride in Pak’s taxi, Hoi sitting in the backseat as a customer at first, then moving to ride in the front seat next to Pak as a love song plays, singing of the breeze and the rain together—unable to escape one another and always wanting to be together. The true test of their love comes down to a question of faith hanging between them—in themselves and in God. SJW

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