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AIFF World Film: Noir From the U.K., October 14 & 15

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There may be no better year than this one to virtually travel: Ashland Independent Film Festival is hosting their Varsity World Film Week(s), a collection of films snagged from around the globe – a thriller from Iran, a animation festival from the Netherlands, a noir film from England.

Starting on Friday, and with films available daily, it is high quality escapism. Tickets here.

Octo. 14-15: Bait (United Kingdom)

The aesthetic for Bait may be as important—and certainly as compelling—as the underlying story. The movie has the look and feel of late 60s French/European cinema—and, rightfully so, as it was shot with 16 mm black & white on an era-Bolex. The gray tones are rich, and the framing often tight, picking up details like fish heads and boots pounding on cobblestones. Like the slow-moving English fishing town where it is set, the charm is languid.

The story itself also possesses an eeriness, with half-revealed plots and motivations, as two brother friction against each other, over fish, their boat, a truck, tourism and, ultimately, a son/nephew. If Hitchcock’s most elusive films annoy you, and Fellini seems absurd, Bait is not likely to hook you. But if those are your cup of tea, dive in; the water is lukewarm. PB

Plays Octo. 14-15

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