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AIFF Recommendation: Ubermom

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Grocery lists, laundry piles, and endless errands. Oh…the ever-so-glamourous life of a mother! While these types of dreaded duties may sound more like the makings of a horror film than a comedy, local narrative short, UberMom, is anything but dark, portraying ordinary obligations such as these in lighthearted and comical ways.

A day in the life of Libby—which would have also worked as the title of the film since that’s basically what we get—UberMomis a four-minute account of a typical day for mom-of-three Libby Sturgill. Written and directed by Kristan Kelly Williams and Eve Smyth, the picture is filmed entirely from the passenger seat of the family minivan, taking us along for the ride as Libby maneuvers through her to-do list of tasks—soccer practice, swim lessons, orthodontist appointments and all.

The story itself unfolds naturally from morning to evening over the course of a 12-hour period, with a connective wraparound centered on a mainstream mom simply striving for superhero status, while, ironically, not demonstrating any above-and-beyond “mom-specific” characteristics, per se. In fact, aside from catering to the calendars of her children, who are implicitly evidenced only as voices coming from the backseat, most of the recounted responsibilities are commonplace enough that they could easily be depicting the Saturday chores of any functioning adult. While this fact makes the UberMomtitle a little less credible when taken in its literal form, once you realize the film revolves largely around feats likened to those of an Uber driver, the cleverly-positioned play on words only adds to the quick flicks witty charm. It also makes it easier for viewers to connect with the film on a more personal level, as the simplistic scenarios relatively generic situations are to follow along with, mother or not.

As ingenious as the title and as good as the situational settings may be, there really is no overall story or plot, just a general narrative whose sole purpose is to demonstrate the daily life of Libby and her kids. There is nothing wrong with this, but viewers who tend to seek storylines with deeper hidden meanings (myself included) may be left asking, Where’s the rest?

All in all, UberMompresents itself nicely with crisp audio and believable, character-driven storylines fused together with decent editing that flows in a steady, polished manner. A quirky dose of relatable entertainment that will put a smile on your face in five minutes or less—what’s not to love?

UberMom plays continuously in “Locals Only: Narrative” program May 22 – June 14 free for both subscribers and non-subscribers.


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