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AIFF presents “Love Sara,” a hazelnut torte of a movie (that’s a good thing!)

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Ashland Independent Film Festivalcontinues their determination to provide programming at a time when gathering for movies is such a forbidden fruit. Their December programming includes a “screening” of “Love Sara,” available from December 11 – 17, and including a (Zoom) Q&A with the director.

“Love Sara” is a pleasant British movie, well acted, nicely paced, with enough emotional heft to save itself from being too sweet. The story starts with a late-30-something female British chef, Sara, on the verge of opening her very own bakery; her dream, though, is never realized as she is killed in a bike accident, and soon enough the vacuum of her absence pulls together those closest to her—her best friend, her surly daughter, and her estranged and cranky mother. The setup is a low point—and happens in about the amount of time to show the credits. The movie doesn’t dwell too long in this emotional valley, nor does it wallow in any low points too long, which is what is to be expected—and what is welcomed. “Love Sara” characters are sufficiently quirky, but none of their idiosyncrasies too off-putting, just enough to provide some flavor. The film is tuned that same emotional frequency as films like “Love Actually,” and while not a holiday film itself, holds the same tenderness and warmth and redemption we expect around the holidays.

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