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AIFF: “Coded Bias” Explains Virtual World Prejudices, 1/15 – 1/21

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A more shortcoming for A.I. is its “intelligence” is a derivative of its creator. Meaning: By and large, programmers are white men. As such – and as M.I.T. researcher Joy Buolamwini finds out, facial recognition software tends not to fare so well with women or with persons of color. It is, in short, a bias, which “Coded Bias,” a new cinematic documentary/essay explores. Presented by AIFF, the film smartly considers how the virtual world adopts real-world prejudices and marginalizes certain populations. $10. Plays January 15 – 21, and features a pre-recorded post-film Q&A with director Shalini Kantayya and researcher Joy Buolamwini, moderated by CNN Commentator Van Jones. Tickets available.

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