AIFF: Bug Farm

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Bug Farm (14 minutes, Available April 15)

Opening with the soothing tones of the harp, Bug Farm’s soundtrack quickly clashes into the sounds of crickets calling and various bugs skittering. Director Lydia Cornett says in her Director’s Statement that she hopes “Bug Farm offers a deeper look at the disparate and powerful motivations that drive the individuals who find purpose in an overlooked industry.” And she does just that.

In this short film, the viewer dives into the lives of the workers on a farm that raises various insects for pet stores nationwide. In the small town of LaBelle in central Florida, the two women who run the farm are working alongside their employees, and we get to view a day on a farm that doesn’t include cows, a barn, or split rail fencing. One employee says, “I never thought I could care about worms,” another who has been working there for years calls herself, “the mother of the crickets.”

Shedding light on an industry that many people most likely hadn’t thought of before, Bug Farm is an unforgettable field trip that proves that there are always entrepreneurial opportunities out there and, yet again, we can all expand our view of what a meaningful job can be. SJW

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