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After the Turkey; Take a Walk! Manageable Distance, Minimal Elevation Gain Strolls for the Whole Family

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Diane Moller Nature and Pet photography

Between that last morsel of pumpkin pie and racing out the door to conquer the cheapest PlayStation or Samsung, there’s digestion. A walk after your Thanksgiving meal might ease that full belly, along with the pressures of the holiday shop-a-thon pandemonium. The last, and best, course of the meal could happen outdoors.

For an after-feast promenade through nature at its best, tuck $5 aside for parking at Touvelle State Park, where Table Rock Road meets the Rogue River. Although there’s no guarantee you’ll see wild turkeys during their national holiday, there will be other wildlife to spy in the Denman Wildlife Refuge, located on the east side of the park. The trail loop is less than a mile long, giving you plenty of time to mosey beside the river and through all the watery ecosystems before the park closes at dusk.

Do your wee ones hit a dessert-induced sugar high every year? Head to Gold Hill Sports Park on Hwy 234 northeast of town. Skateboarding and disc golf are within walking distance, as well as a paved pathway for dogs.

Diane Moller Nature and Pet photography

Depending on your need to escape, and how early you’ll down that last bite, the drive to Lake Selmac may be worth every mile. The Lake Trail, at the south end, is a leisurely two-mile digestive stroll along the tree-lined shore. Once again, worth the $5 parking fee, and remember to explore before it closes at dusk. 

If you simply can’t stand the thought of abandoning the sales day stratagem, you may enjoy parking, if you can, at the first store on your list and cautiously strolling to the front door. Here, you can catch a breather while watching your opponents from a safe distance. It may be quite exhilarating to just observe the pack in action for awhile before heading inside. The elusive Black Friday shopping cart has been known to appear out of nowhere if you stay on the alert and express your Thanksgiving gratitude.


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