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Acro Yoga

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yogaCombine the poses of yoga with the Jenga-like stacking of acrobatics and you have acroyoga, which is just the thing for one of the remaining lazy summer days in the park.

Enthusiast and instructor, Sean Gerhardt, says that Acroyoga is a summer must because “it makes you connected with friends, loved ones and flying partners more than anything else.”

“It takes a huge amount of communication and patience but the experience is worth it,” he says.

Though the activity combines aspects of both yoga and acrobatics Gerhardt says anybody and everybody can do it.

“It’s not based around acrobatics,” he says. “It doesn’t demand technical skills, all you need is willingness.”

And he’s not lying, I went to one of the Acro Jams that are organized through their Facebook page, Ashland Acroyoga Meetup, and I was both flyer and flown within that first day.

“The jams are the best way to get involved and see if you gravitate toward the activity,” Gerhardt says.

Those seeking more technical instruction can attend classes offered Fridays from 7-9pm at Le Cirque Center in Ashland.


Photo Credit: Sean Gerhardt


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