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A Simple Guide About Business Energy for Commercial Organizations 

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When we buy energy from suppliers, they often provide a package to their customers. If you are a homeowner, you usually get energy rates based on prices that have been set for homes, but for business energy usage, the prices can vary greatly. There are many different suppliers of business energy, and a utility bidder can help you find the best ones as well.

Each energy supplier has a package deal for business owners. This is because, unlike homes, businesses actually use a large amount of energy every month. Buying in bulk often comes cheaper than buying things in small amounts. Businesses can buy energy in bulk because they put this energy to use, but for homeowners buying energy in bulk can put them at a loss.

Differences Between Domestic Energy and Business Energy

Longer Contracts

Businesses have to sign a much longer contract than domestic users. There are fixed and variable rate tariffs available, but almost all energy contracts on a commercial level are signed for an agreed amount of time which can last for up to five years. This means if a commercial energy provider is not great at doing its job, then your business will have to suffer for the next few years until the contract ends or is close to ending.

No Cooling-off Period

It can take 17 days to complete domestic energy switches, and 14 of those days are cooling-off periods. This basically means that during these 14 days, you can cancel your contract without having to pay any penalty. However, businesses that sign commercial energy deals are not able to back out without having to pay some form of costly penalty.

Business Rates

Domestic energy supplies sell electricity or gas on a monthly basis to homes. But when it comes to business, they sign a contract for a year-long deal. This is because businesses buy gas and electricity in bulk. While this means that businesses have cheaper rates, it can become more difficult to end tariffs early.

Dual Deals

On domestic levels, people can usually buy their gas and electricity from the same supplier and save money. However, for businesses, there is no option for dual deals, and they have to sign a separate contract with separate dealers for both fuel and gas.

Range of Tariffs

Domestic energy supplies allow you to choose from a range of tariffs so you can easily find a cheap one. But for businesses that use commercial energy do not have this luxury. This is because commercial energy providers assess your business and provide a quote for each business. Thus, businesses should look closely into their energy providers so that they get the best deals. This can usually be done by contacting brokers who have information on tariffs.


While businesses have the luxury to buy energy in large amounts for a smaller price, it is important to know this energy goes into use for many things and is not wasted. For business owners cutting costs in places where they can be cut is one of the main goals. A strong business is one that is able to manage its finances wisely.


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