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A New Golf Game: Bradley Putters

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Bradley Putters are so customizable, each one is different than the last. Courtesy of Bradley Putters

Six feet and two inches from the hole and it’s time to use the putter. The weighted, soft burl wood putter gently guides the golf ball home.

Thinking about how one gets into making wooden golf putters, dealing with surviving nuclear explosions probably wouldn’t cross one’s mind. But for Bradley Converse, owner of Bradley Putters, it was a natural progression: In 2016, he declined to further his profession in preventative nuclear explosions and, after seeing a wooden drum made out of burl, his mind went to golfing. Simple as that.

“I knew that one of the world’s best suppliers of burl wood operated in Grants Pass, so I’d have a mostly unlimited supply,” he says. “On Saturday I built a website, on Sunday I made my designs, on Monday, I built putter 1, on Tuesday, I built putter 2, on Wednesday, I shafted them up, and Thursday, I took them to the golf course where people loved them. Two months later, we were at the PGA Show in Orlando, where golf.com said we were the coolest product there.”

Converse uses burl wood not only because it’s readily available in Grants Pass, but also because of its consistent performance. The important quality adds character to the putter. Along with burl, Converse uses colored pencils, whiskey barrels, and baseball bats. This makes each putter unique in color and design. These putters also comply with USGA rules and are naturally waterproof. It takes approximately one month to create a customized putter, and Converse welcomes customers to send their own wood to include in the product.

“The quick early success was thanks to my rapid growth on Instagram, where many people could see what I was doing and offer help or guidance,” he says. “The team at Moving Mountains helped me get it going. I showed every step of my business to my followers, and people became fanatics.” Many of those fanatics have said the performance of the putter is even better than the look.

Of course, the putter isn’t all about the appearance. Converse says, “Stabilized wood is harder than normal wood while still being a bit softer than brass, and is very low density. When we add our

Courtesy of Bradley Putters

internal weights, the combination becomes something truly special. The distance control is unparalleled. The soft face allows a golfer to dial in a 10-foot putt versus an 11-foot putt with ease, while the symmetric internal weights give outstanding feedback on off-center hits.”

For Converse, golf has been part of him since he was a kid. “I started playing golf with my dad as a little kid, so it will always be about family for me,” he says. “Golf is the only sport that you can start as a toddler and play until you’re 90. It’s one of the best ways to spend an afternoon with friends and family, while providing a challenge unlike any other.”

Because Bradley putters are so customizable, each customer can put his or her own mark on it. “We’ve taken wood from a lady’s front yard and turned it into a gorgeous live edge putter. Now every time she pulls it out of the bag, her friends and playing partners will ask about it, and she’ll tell the story of raising her kids in that home.” He hopes customers love their unique product and he hopes Bradley Putters continues its success not just nationally, but also locally.


Bradley Putters

10 am – 4 pm

310 SW 6th St, Grants Pass




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