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A Guide To The Most Played NHL Hockey Betting Games

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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran sports bettor, NHL (National Hockey League) betting can give you tons of opportunities to earn money. Just like the wagering you know in football and basketball, hockey games join the roster of the most popular sports tournament in the world that offers different categories of sports bets.

The NHL this year was supposed to start last month, but due to several adjustments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it will take place starting this January. This is a sporting tournament attended by twenty-four American teams and seven Canadian groups. Apart from that, this is a premier professional league in the world where a Stanley Cup is awarded to the champion.

While there are many kinds of sports betting that you can gamble on, NHL betting is something you should consider. Some trusted sportsbooks, like the FanDuel hockey page, offer massive hockey betting lines, which can help you earn a reasonable amount of money. To get you guided, here are the different types of NHL bets you can place.

Money Line

Ideally, the money line is the most popular betting game you can find in the NHL. It is where the oddsmaker makes a line between the favorite and the underdog. The favorites are being labeled with a negative sign, while the underdog is on a positive value. Each has a value set next to the sign that refers to the bet you should lay.

For a favorite that takes the house, extra juice is added for you to gamble them. When it comes to NHL Money line bets, the oddsmakers determine the lines based on the factors like home advantage and top-tier teams down to the lower ones. If a top team plays in the house against a lower team group, bookies make the most impressive lines for these top groups on the favorites side.


The Over/Under bets, generally called “Totals,” is the second most popular NHL betting you can play. In this category, the oddsmaker has to set a line that will sum up the total goal garnered by the two competing teams until the end of the match. This idea revolves around predicting whether the final combined goal is going over or under the bookie’s value.

Usually, in NHL games, the oddsmaker sets a total value between 5-6 goals. This has always been the flow of this betting category. Looking into how hockey games occur every year, the most common results are on a 2-2 record.

By all means, the match can go overtime, and one team should make a goal to win the game. If this happens and you bet on under, you win this betting category because the total score settled only at 5 points.

Puck Line Bets

Puck line bets are referred to as Point Spread. The puck line bets are where the oddsmaker sets a -1.5 spread for the favorites and +1.5 for the underdogs. The value for the puck line bets settles on the said digit because hockey is a low-scoring game. You don’t expect that every team can go over 3 or 4 goals in a match, not unless allowed by luck and chance.

When you wager for the favorite with a -1.5 line, they need to make two goals for you to win. On the other hand, the underdog that carries the same line must only accomplish a goal lower than two or settle at one. Usually, bettors would come after the underdogs because they only got a little pressure, unlike the favorites, which must go beyond the spread given.

Parlay Bets

The NHL Parlay bets are for those punters who don’t have faint hearts and risk more bucks to go out of their comfort zone. Parlay bets can give you a tremendous amount of earnings once luck is on your side but can also put you on ground zero if you mistakenly chose an entry.

In this category, you should pick a team that can snag two or more wins consecutively. If you lost one of them, you wouldn’t gain anything.

“Grand Salami”

If you want to see the hockey action scheduled for the entire day and bet, a “Grand Salami” is a unique category you can gamble. It goes with an idea of the “Totals” betting. Before all scheduled leagues start within the day, you must wager whether the total score for all matches can go over or under the value set by the oddsmaker.


The NHL is one of the most prominent American sports that is rich in history. Moreover, it also covers massive betting games, which can grow your bankroll upon hitting the bullseye. As the 2020-21 NHL season begins this January, make sure to familiarize all the betting games it carries to find sure bets.




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