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A Fifth Year Senior’s Guide to Survival

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By former Messenger intern and current SOU “senior” Eli Stillman

Looking to get more from this whole “college experience” everyone keeps talking about? Well, fortunately, I’ve discovered that this town is pretty student-friendly, and there are some great ways to do more than just survive.

No need to be an indoor kid. (Or, watched everything on Netflix?!): Look around. Chances are there is a sweet hike or nature spot close by that you can get lost in during your break from the books. Some of the most popular areas include Lithia Park, Grizzly Peak and Pilot Rock. Setting time aside can be hugely beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Looking for a job? (Or, need money for beer and bud?): Southern Oregon University is great at employing students for jobs that range from cooking meals to maintenance around campus. Shifts work great around class schedules and there are multiple programs like work-study or extra credit opportunities to take advantage as well. If you can’t get a job there, selling objects on Craigslist is usually semi-successful. Fluids also can be transformed into hard cash.

Haven’t made any friends?: Join a club! Last year there were groups made for film appreciation, Super Smash Bros and cosplay just to name a few. Getting in one of these social groups is a great way to meet kind folks who share similar interests. Who knows? You might have more in common than you think.

Tired of the school’s food? Within walking distance there’s actually a few great options. Get a couple friends together and split a pizza at GAPCO. Ruby’s is a local favorite.  Along with burgers, Ruby’s is known for their breakfast burritos, which are served all day long. These burritos have been known to drag students from their beds and magically cure hangovers.

Sick, and mom’s chicken soup is hundreds of miles away? Go see the student health center. A small school means short waiting time to see a health professional. Whether it burns when you pee or you’re upset and need to see a counselor, the school can usually make appointments within a couple days.

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