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A Cozy New Coffee Shop in Phoenix: Jam Coffee House

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On Phoenix’s main street stands a quaint white house with a blue roof. Inside is a steaming cup of coffee, vegan donuts, and much more.

The recently opened Jam Coffee House offers a warm interior with inviting seating areas sectioned off for secluded visiting and private studying. The light wood floors brighten up the modest building with windows offering enough natural lighting to help anyone further enjoy his coffee. The decor is minimal, much like its simple logo. The open register area creates an inviting environment that allows customers to converse with baristas freely.

Jam serves Case coffee and has a developing breakfast and lunch menu. While its home-made oatmeal was out of stock, several varieties of Oregon-based Red Mill were available, such as blueberry hazelnut, cinnamon, and plain. The vegan poppyseed donut was soft, sweet, and tempting to purchase a second one.

Along with donuts and oatmeal are a breakfast wrap containing eggs, potatoes, cheese, and pico de gallo; smoothies full of fresh spinach, bananas, green apples, pears, blueberries, and/or strawberries; toast topped with butter and jam, cinnamon and sugar, or peanut butter and jelly; and smoothie bowls. The smoothie bowl was served blended with a sliced banana and birdseed granola on top. Mangoes provided a tropical twist, while peaches also added a sweeter flavor. The crunch from the granola blended well with the chilling smoothie and is a tasty breakfast treat.

Currently Jam serves Epiphany blend for its espresso, a medium light roast from Case coffee. Its mild, nutty, and fruity flavor is the perfect roast for a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. Lattes, americanos, macchiatos, chai, and an array of teas round out the warm beverage offerings. The nitro cold brew on tap is wonderfully smooth and chocolatey, perfect with or without a splash of cream.

With a simple drink menu, the coffee shop emphasizes its knowledge of the fundamentals of coffee. Even if you want to add something sweet to your latte, there are a number of homemade, organic flavors and simple syrups. The food menu is ever evolving and growing as the owners continuously learn what their customers want. As business increases, as well as demands, the owners hope to eventually make their own bagels and no doubt other pastries.

As new as Jam Coffee House is, there is a period of working out the kinks and providing a consistent menu for its customers. Phoenix locals have been pining for a cozy coffee shop with free wifi and a great work or study environment for a rainy afternoon like this one for a long time. If attention continues to be paid to locking down a consistent menu as good as their smoothie bowls and donuts, the owners will no doubt create one soon. Also, if they continue to serve Case coffee with the knowledge and care of its mild and local flavors, Jam can only attract more to its warm and inviting coffee shop.

Jam Coffee House
7 am – 5 pm, Sunday – Saturday
507 N Main St, Phoenix
$3 – $7


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