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5 Things You Should Know About the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing is one of the oldest industries around, and thanks to a process of constant evolution, it is more efficient than ever, as well as being vital to the perpetuation and growth of modern society.

If you are interested in getting into the manufacturing sector, or you are simply curious about what it involves, here are the main things to note.

Want to start your own manufacturing or metalwork shop? Used machinery is better value

Starting a manufacturing business could be the route to a lucrative career in the industry, but startup costs can be steep because of the expense associated with acquiring the necessary equipment.

The good news is that second hand gear is just as capable as new units, while being significantly more cost-effective. For example, by picking affordable used options of an engine lathe from Revelation Machinery, you’ll save a pretty penny without sacrificing on performance or functionality.

Product research is central to success

You may be eager to get cracking with the actual manufacturing of the products or components that you intend to make, but this is a one way ticket to financial dire straits. What you need to do first is research the marketplace, ensure that your designs are saleable, and check up on what competitors are offering in the same niche.

Only with rigorous analysis can you hope to make a manufacturing business viable. You tend to only hear about the success stories, but there are many more manufacturers that have started with high hopes only to fail because the product they offered hadn’t been properly researched.

Operations can be scaled efficiently if you plan ahead

The scalability of a manufacturing business is another significant factor in determining whether it will sink or swim in the long term. If you aren’t thinking about how you’ll expand your operations or increase your output to match rising demand from day one, you could be hobbled by this lack of forethought further down the line.

The good news is that in the modern market, it’s easy to embrace scalability by picking the right partners to work along with you; no manufacturer can afford to go it alone and handle everything in-house, particularly if it is starting off small.

Entry points are varied

One of the best things about manufacturing as an industry is that there is room within it for people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and at every stage of their personal and professional development.

From the youngsters who take up apprenticeships in traditional skills and processes, to the college graduates who go into product design, to the skilled managers who move in to oversee teams having come from a different industry altogether, there are plenty of places to find your niche.

Experimentation is encouraged

Earlier we talked about the role of market research in manufacturing, but it’s also necessary to embrace that old-school element of experimentation and invention if you want to break the mold and make something truly game-changing.

Prototyping is part and parcel of this, and with the emergence of technologies like CNC machining and additive manufacturing, it is quicker and more affordable to put together a proof of concept for a new product than ever before.

This ultimately means that manufacturing is a bit of a dichotomy as an industry. It still rewards those who have the ambition and ability to see an unexploited niche, while also benefiting from being technologically advanced and interconnected enough to move with the times.

While supply chain disruption and other external aspects can cause volatility, on the whole it is an area which will be in demand indefinitely.


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