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5 Things to Think About if You’re Considering Boating for the First Time

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There are some people who grew up on the water. Their parents might have raised them next to the ocean or one of the great lakes. Maybe one of their close relatives owned a boat.

Other individuals might never have owned a boat or even been on one. If this applies to you, then maybe as the summer wanes, you’re thinking about renting a boat, buying some boating equipment or going out with a friend who has one. You can go fishing or just sit back and relax with a cold adult beverage.

Before you decide whether this sounds like a fun activity, here are a few things about which you should think.

Boating Accidents Do Occur

The US Coast Guard, in the last reporting data year, stated that there were 4,145 boating accidents nationwide. People died in some of those incidents.

There’s no need to be fatalistic, but you should be aware of those stats if you plan on going out on the water. There’s nothing to say that the person who will be captaining your boat doesn’t know what they’re doing, but water activities can still be inherently dangerous.

That’s because:

  • The weather can turn suddenly
  • You might encounter a reckless person piloting a watercraft

If you get in a car accident, that can be dangerous, but at least you’re still on land. If you get in a boat accident, you might find your vessel at the bottom of the ocean or lake in a matter of moments.

You Can Feel More Secure with the Proper Safety Measures

If you are going out, then you can feel safer if you take a few precautionary steps. For instance:

  • You should have lifeboats available when possible
  • You should always have life preservers and life jackets for everyone on board
  • You should never let anyone captain the boat who has been drinking or using recreational drugs

You also want to be positive that whoever is steering the boat knows what they’re doing. You want to test out any navigational equipment before you leave. You should also check the weather forecast, so you’ll know if any squalls are heading your way.

Do You Deal with Motion Sickness?

One more thing you ought to think about is whether or not you get sick in cars or on planes. If you have never been out on the water before, but you know you struggle with motion sickness, you should prepare yourself for that possibility.

The way boats rock back and forth makes some people queasy. You won’t know how it’s going to impact you until you get out there, though.

If you want to try it, but you know you tend to get motion sick, then you can take some medication before you set sail. It’s certainly better to be safe about this type of thing than sorry.

It Can Clear Your Head

On the positive side, some people take a great deal of pleasure from being out on the water. In this pandemic year, stress levels are high, and some individuals are having a rough time.

Being out in nature can be a balm for them, and that certainly applies to boating. If you’re a more adventurous person, you’ll probably feel good about being out in the elements, feeling the spray and the sun on your face.

Even if you have no prior boating experience, it might turn out to be quite wonderful for you, and you might decide that this is something you want to do often in the future.

It Can Give You Some Valuable Alone Time

If you’re going out on the boat with your spouse or significant other, this can be a chance for you to get away from everything. Maybe you found a babysitter for the kids, and this is an afternoon or evening where you can reconnect with your partner in a romantic setting.

Maybe instead of fishing, you’re on a larger vessel with music, dancing, and elegant food and drink. This might be a night out where you can take a deep breath, unwind, and come back afterward refreshed and ready to resume the normal routine.

Getting out on the water is not for everyone, but many people do enjoy it. If you’ve never tried it before, you may want to consider giving it a shot.

Who knows, it might turn out to be your new favorite thing. You might decide that boat ownership just has to be in your future.



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