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5 Outdoor Activities Oregonians Can Enjoy this Year

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If you live in Oregon, you know it’s one of the most gorgeous US states. The forests are breathtaking, and if you live near one, as so many Oregonians do, you can enjoy tons of outdoor activities every year.

This year, in particular, is one where Oregon residents are likely to want to get back to nature. The pandemic has made it tough for many people to exercise as much as they’d like. Many individuals have reported weight gain, and you might want to drop some of those pesky pounds as we get into the late spring season and start shedding some clothing.

We’ve come up with a few of our favorite Oregonian outdoor activities, and we’ll talk about them now.


Camping under the stars in the unspoiled Oregonian wilderness is one of the most fun things to do this year. You can even do it with some friends if you all vaccinated yourselves and practice social distancing. It’s easy to do if you’re outside.

You can get some tents and sleeping bags and scout out nearby locations. Make sure you only camp where it’s legal to do so. If someone finds that you’re using their private property for this purpose, they’re probably not going to be happy about that.

You can roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or you might try something a little more elaborate or exotic if you brought the ingredients and the cookware. Just be certain to take precautions to avoid starting a forest fire. Put out your fire with water, sand, or dirt when you’re turning in for the night.


You can also try birding, which is what most people call bird watching these days. Oregon has many native species that are fun to spot and watch. So many of these birds have their own personalities, and it’s a great time watching their courtship rituals and nesting behaviors.

You might see a thrush, a wren, or something more colorful, like an American goldfinch or a New World warbler. Their bright yellow plumage makes them stand out, and their distinct cry sounds almost like a human child.

You might bring along a pair of binoculars and a field guide. Birding is one of the more relaxing activities in which you can engage, and you’ll find that it calms you and eases any anxiety that you’re experiencing right now.


You might not want to camp for the night if mosquitoes, ticks, or other pests concern you. You can go for a day-long hike instead, making sure to slather on plenty of insect repellant before you start.

Again, you’ll want to find a public wilderness that you can legally and safely access. You might take some time to locate a trail that seems like the perfect length and difficulty for you.

If you’re not used to hiking, you should start with shorter trails where the grade is not too steep. If you’re already in peak shape, you might be okay tackling longer, steeper, and more challenging ones.

Football, Baseball, or Soccer

You may decide to stay out of the woods and to find a soccer or football field. Maybe you can locate one where you can set up goals at either end. It’s easy enough to mark a football or soccer field’s outlines. Just find enough friends for a game and bring the equipment along.

If you want to play baseball, you’ll either need to find an unused athletic field, or you can use any clear space in a pinch. You can mark a baseball or softball field’s dimensions and get a game going if you have enough players to do it.

Maybe you’d prefer something with fewer rules, like frisbee. All that requires is for you to toss the frisbee back and forth, so it’s not competitive at all.


Cycling is something else that Oregonians enjoy. You might find a trail through the woods that can challenge you if there are some uphill portions.

If you do this, make sure to wear a helmet for head protection. Falling off a bike and hitting your head can cause a traumatic brain injury, and you never want that.

You should make sure to use sunblock and bring a water bottle along. You’ll need to stay hydrated, especially during the day’s hottest hours.

Oregonians will feel happy now that we’re getting into late spring. Summer isn’t far off, and it should be glorious if you enjoy it in an outdoor setting.



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