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5 of the Biggest Health and Wellness Questions Answered

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Everyone wants to learn more about health and wellness in the world, and there’s good reasons for that. Sometimes the age-old advice of eating better and working harder on the exercise bike just doesn’t work as well as it should, and we need something more to get to the health and fitness goals we want. 

Here are some of the biggest health and fitness questions that need answers, and that you can actually act on today! Use these answers to improve your health and then see where it gets you on your goals.

Do I Need C15:0 Fatty Acids?

B-12 vitamins, L-Arginine supplements, C15:0 fatty acids, sometimes the world of supplements and medication can be very confusing since you don’t know what a supplement is, let alone what it does for your health and wellness! Well, if you see C15:0 fatty acids, or pentadecanoic acid, AKA Pentadecylic acid, you should know that they provide a lot of benefits to your health. 

These fatty acids are designed to promote healthy metabolism, aid your immune system and support your heart health. Additionally, these metabolism changes can help you calm your mood, decrease hunger cravings, and improve your sleep quality. All of these are essential for your physical and mental wellbeing, and it’s as easy as taking a simple pill each morning.

In some cases it can even make the skin look firmer and brighter, so if you want a healthy pill with anti-aging properties, this is the supplement for you. 

Should I Improve My Testosterone? 

For men, whenever you age you start to lose testosterone, which is the hormone that helps you stay strong, focused, and energized. You might notice you become tired more easily, can lift a lot less than you normally could, and might have less energy for all the important things in life. 

If you want to get back on top of your virility and power, then you should focus on improving your testosterone levels. Testosterone can be found in the foods you eat, such as eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, and avocados, but even a diet full of them can still leave your levels a bit low. That’s where the website Nugenix comes in.

Nugenix has a science based 100% testosterone boosting formula, allowing you to boost your drive and energy just by taking some doses and then living your life like you normally would. You’ll feel the increase and want to keep on working out for harder and longer, and Nugenix also has several other products that are designed to work in tandem with Nugenix Total T.

Should I Breastfeed My Baby?

Breast milk or formula is a question that every new mother is asking, and while either choice is good for the baby and the mother, many doctors recommend breast milk for the first 6 months, or longer if possible.

Breast milk contains the nutrition that your body needs, and the nutrients inside the breast milk change as the child grows. It’s also filled with the antibodies that can keep your vulnerable child safe from disease. Plus, it can help new mothers lose their baby weight and get their bodies back to pre-baby condition, so it’s a win win!

If you want to breastfeed your child, you are going to need a bra and a top that will support that desire, and the hatch nursing tops collection will help with that. The tops are stylish but also very effective at either having you pump the breast milk, or by giving your baby easy access while still preserving some modesty. 

And you are sure to find a style and fabric that you like, as their collection comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Should I Have Forehead Reduction Surgery?

If most people tell you you have a big forehead, brush it off as an insult. If everyone is telling you you have a big forehead, it might be time for a change. Forehead Reduction Surgery is designed to shorten the distance between your hairline and your eyebrows, and thereby reduce the width of your forehead.

It’s a short surgery with a very high patient satisfaction rating, and is more of a cosmetic change than anything else. As long as you have a high forehead, good scalp elasticity to get a nice amount of lowering, and no hair thinning then you are a qualified candidate. 

The forehead reduction surgery is done because of the patient’s desire for cosmetic changes, and it doesn’t need to be done as part of any health issue, so if you would like to reduce the size of your forehead with this surgery, go right ahead. 

Are There Any Sleep Aids Without Melatonin?

Melatonin is the hormone that our brain releases whenever it is time for us to start getting tired and ready for bed. However, the world of screens and late nights we live in tends to prevent us from getting a good night’s rest. Many of the aids that help us get a good night’s sleep have extra melatonin to supplement the body, but some people want a melatonin free sleep aid.

This is typically done for children, because babies and young children with developing minds and sleep schedules shouldn’t be taking melatonin until their brains develop. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of sleep aids that are melatonin free for you and your child to try.  

Most of these are herbal and plant based, such as essential oils. These oils are ingested, and often carry scents that are pleasing and that can help the body relax like lavender, honeysuckle, and camomile. 

Use These Answers To Improve Your Own Health

Whether you need help with sleeping, with supplements, or with your body, use the answers to start making positive changes in your health and wellness. Also, don’t be afraid to keep looking for health and wellness answers online. After all, there’s a wealth of knowledge and a lot of people with the same questions as you!


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