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5 Interesting Snacks from Europe You Wouldn’t Expect

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Exploring new foods is one of the most exciting parts of travelling, but you don’t have to catch a flight to savor these European delights. You can snag these snacks online and indulge in a new culture from the comfort of home. Europe is filled with interesting flavors and unique takes on snacks you may not expect. If you’re interested in sampling a full selection from around the world, you may consider signing up for a monthly snack subscription box. A Munch Addict box delivers new, hand-curated snacks to your doorstep that allow you to sample fares from all over the world. In the meantime, you may consider trying some of these foreign snacks.

Toblerone Chocolate from Switzerland

Toblerone bars are sold in America, but you may not know they originate from Switzerland. This decadent chocolate bar was first concocted in 1908. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its unique triangular bite-sized pieces is that each one combines Swiss milk chocolate with chewy nougat and almonds. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll definitely want to try one ASAP.

Kinder Snack Cakes from Italy

Italy is known for incredible food and classic recipes, and their snacks are no exception. Kinder is the most famous chocolate brand in Italy, and they produce a variety of tasty candy and scrumptious snack cakes. There’s traditional tiramisu, rich with chocolate and espresso flavor. Then there is the Delice, a two-layer chocolate cake coated in chocolate and held together by a lush layer of fresh Italian cream. You’ll be delighted to find that Kinder snack cakes are rich but much lighter and less oily than typical American ones. Because they hail from Italy, they pair perfectly with coffee in the morning or afternoon.

Burt’s Chips From the UK

Don’t get confused as we really do mean chips here. Burt’s Chips, or crisps as they’re known overseas, are hand-cooked and come in a variety of flavors inspired by the cuisine of the United Kingdom. Savor some vintage cheddar & green onion with your sandwich or try a handful of sea salt & malt vinegar. There are also some more exotic options like spicy chorizo and sweet Thai chili. If you are someone who enjoys snacking on the go, or going on outdoor adventures, these are a great grab and go snack option.

Hans Freitag Cookies from Germany

Germany is well-known for its robust cuisine, and that richness doesn’t stop with its pastries. Even packaged snacks like Freitag cookies are filled with flavor and flaky goodness. These German cookies come in assorted bags that include both cookies and wafers. The Noblesse Noir selection features refined dark chocolate while the sugary Day Dreams bag is filled with several types of fruit-filled and chocolaty cookies. The wafers are also available in individual bags, so you can always keep your favorite flavor in stock. There are cocoa, vanilla and hazelnut varieties, which are perfect for enjoying after dinner or with a hot cup of tea.

AH Stroopwafels from the Netherlands

Stroopwafels are light and sweet delicacies from the 1800s. They originated in South Holland, but now they are a favorite in many countries. AH Stroopwafels are perfect for a sweet grab-and-go breakfast. Similar to a pancake, they feature caramel syrup pressed between two layers of dough. You’ll find them anywhere in the Netherlands, but you can also order them online or even try making your own at home. Be warned, though. It’s impossible to stop at one stroopwafel.

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