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5 Epic American Road Trips you Should Do: Incredible Travel Experiences

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Undoubtedly, a road trip is the coolest experience that you will never forget. You can drive through every state you like, stop whenever you love, without following a special plan.

However, even if you consider yourself an experienced driver, a road trip is something completely different, and everyone needs some good tips. If you cannot decide where to throw the dart at the map, we would like to suggest 5 American road trips.

  1. The Legendary Route 66: The All-Time Classic

2.500 miles through the heart of America is the best road trip you can do, especially if you are new to road trips. It is one of the things you should do at least once in your life, and believe me, you will not regret it. The route starts from Chicago and ends at the Santa Monica Pier where you will see a sign that marks the end of the trail.

This drive also called the “Mother Road” will give you the opportunity to explore 8 states between Chicago and Los Angeles. No original road trip would be complete without some iconic stops like the Oklahoma Route 66 museum that brings you a step back in time.

The next stop will be Texas, and more specifically the picturesque Amarillo. Explore the Route 66 District, stop at The Big Texan Steak Ranch, and take a photo at the Cadillac Ranch (you can paint something on the cars if you have a spray-paint). Before ending your trip, you should definitely explore the city of the Angels (LA).

  1. Florida Keys Road Trip: Driving the Overseas Highway

Firstly, the Overseas Highway covers 113 miles and will take you across scenic bridges, the beautiful ocean, and lots of memories to remember. It is a must road trip for everyone who loves the ocean. You can travel all around the year, but we would like to warn you that September might not be a good season to travel due to the tropical storms.

The Florida Keys are numerous islands called “Keys”, which are connected through bridges. The highway has ample seafood restaurants, amazing bars, and incredible beaches to relax. Words are not enough to describe this driving experience through these unique islands.

The journey starts from Key Largo down to Key West with scenic towns along the way. Explore the crystal clear waters and enjoy a nice margarita cocktail at sunset with a view over the ocean. If you would like to rent a boat and explore places, enjoy water-skiing, sailing, or parasailing, this is your watersports paradise. There is an endless supply to keep you entertained.

  1. The Great River Road Trip: Follow the course of the Mississippi River

The Great River road trip should not miss from our epic American road trips list. It may be a long drive, almost 3000 miles, but the views, the river towns, and overall the magical states will not let you down. The journey starts from Minnesota all the way down to Louisiana and the trip takes 35 hours, according to Google Maps.

The white sign with the green pilot’s wheel marks the road. If you have read Mark Twain as a child, you definitely know that trip. You will drive through 10 States with delicious local cuisine and amazing historical sites like the National Monument in Harpers Ferry and national historical parks.

Don’t forget to visit the St Louis waterfront and take the riverboat cruise. Explore the numerous small towns, the farmland, and the abandoned railroads that will travel you back in time. Put on your favorite songs, blast the speakers high, and hit the road!

  1. Driving Alaska’s Seward Highway: Escape the Heat and Explore The Wonders of Nature

The road takes you through the picturesque mountains of Kenai, the gorgeous urban beauties, and stunning views. When you are planning a road trip, the Alaska Seward Highway is not really popular, but it is a must-do trip for everyone. First of all, you should know that 70% of the highway travels along Turnagain Arm which took its name from the British explorer, James Cook.

Wild animals, mountain peaks covered by snow, and clear rivers will accompany you through the road trip. What is not to love?

Additionally, on Turnagain Arm occurs one of the most impressive physical phenomena, the bore tide. Generally speaking, a bore tide is seawater that returns to a shallow inlet and there are only 60 spots all around the world where bore tides occur. When you arrive in Seward, you should not miss visiting the Kenai Fjords, where you will see the most amazing glaciers! Finally, this road trip is a must for every winter travel enthusiast. Before you hit the road make sure that you take a pair of comfortable hiking boots and a lightweight backpacking tent  )

  1. Pacific Coast Highway- San Francisco to San Diego: Beautiful California Trip

Undoubtedly, the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as Highway 101, is one of the most beautiful drives all around the world. It combines dense forests with incredible beaches and remains one of the most unique road trips. You can start your journey from the Golden Gate Park and drive through the scenic bridge and continue to San Jose and Santa Cruz.

In Santa Cruz, you can try surfing and take a really long walk on the west coast’s longest pier. It goes without saying that the sandy beaches are gorgeous, but you can skip this landscape for a while and visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Lastly, we would strongly recommend visiting Malibu, the popular hideaway of Hollywood stars. We guarantee that this trip will be the best one of your life.

Hit the Road!

In fact, it is not about the destination; it is about the journey, the planning of your trip, the moments you live, and your travel buddies. Good planning, fun, good buddies, and a little bit of craziness will transform your road trip into unforgettable memories.

A part of the charm is that you will feel free and it is scientifically proven that a road trip always boosts your self-esteem and energy. Time is running out; don’t miss your chance to do that road trip.


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