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5 Budget-friendly Plant-based Meal Delivery Kits 

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Meal delivery is promising, but sometimes having a pre-cooked meal delivered on our doorstep is getting boring. We often want to cook our meals, but the only problem we have is the lack of time doing grocery shopping for the ingredients we need to cook the meals that we want. Luckily, there are now meal delivery businesses that provide delivery kits that we like.

Meal delivery kits are boxes that have the complete ingredients and recipes for homemade dishes we want to cook. Meal delivery kits are not that famous because vegans often avail them. This is because vegans have their specific way of cooking vegan food. Sometimes, the meal delivery companies cannot meet their expectations, so vegans often search for websites that offer plant-based meal delivery kits.

But this type of delivery kit is often pricey because of some specific ingredients. This might be one of the reasons why people stopped asking for plant-based meal delivery kits. To end that dilemma, here are 5 budget-friendly plant-based meal delivery kits that you can try.

1. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a meal delivery company that offers plant-based meal delivery meals and kits. They have cheaper yet high-quality kits that you can avail of for only $12 per plate or $72 per week.

You can get either of the two, and you will receive a plant-based kit with high proteins, a variety of vegan recipes, and pre-measured ingredients delivered to your house.

2. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is also a plant-based meal delivery offering its services to people who love vegan food. Their price ranges from $8.99 per serving, and after paying, you will then receive a vegetarian meal kit full of pre-measured ingredients and delightful recipes that are ready to cook in more or less 20 – 30 minutes. They also have kid-friendly vegan dishes that are delicious with low calories.

3. Green Chef

Green Chef offers vegan dishes and plant-based meal delivery kits for $11.99 per serving. The range of their recipes is more extensive than the two, which means you will have more plant-based meal options that you can choose.

4. Sprinly

Sprinly is different from the rest of the plant-based meal delivery businesses mentioned above because they only allow weekly subscriptions. Their price starts from $115 a week for 6 to 7 meals (depends on how many you will eat.)

They also include pre-cook meals and their meal kits if you have days when you are short on preparation and cooking time.

5. Veestro

If you have many food allergies, this plant-based meal delivery company might be favorable to you. Veestro has a price of $9.90 to $11.70 per meal. It might be a bit pricey than the rest, but they also have many safety considerations for persons who have food allergies.

Their plant-based meals are all made from organic ingredients with zero preservatives added. All pre-cooked meals are made from non-GMO plants. They also have a meal plan if you want to lose or gain some weight.


Plant-based meal delivery kits are often exciting because you get to cook the dishes you want with guaranteed high-quality ingredients. You can choose either of these plant-based meal delivery kits mentioned above and rest assured you will have tasty dishes without hurting your wallet.


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