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5 Adventures to Try in Canada This Spring

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The snow is melting, and the sun is shining in southern, eastern, and western Canada. Across the 9.98 million km of land resides every single biosphere, over 80 thousand species, and endless hours of fun and excitement. Whether you want to take your bike across the prairies, hike in the Rocky Mountains or ski in Banff, these 5 spring adventures will leave an impression.

1. Quebec, Ontario, BC: Rushing Waterfalls and Hiking

Forget about the incredible Niagara Falls; the spring thaw across the country will give power to the most impressive waterfalls. Only 50 km away from Quebec City is one of the most beautiful hikes and trails surrounding Etchemin River called Rouillard Falls Park. It’s accessible through taxi or bike, but if you want a remote retreat, try Percé UNESCO Global Geopark in Gaspé.

For something more accessible by bus, visit Webster Falls close to Hamilton, a city close to Toronto. Most Ontario busses offer free wifi, so you can quickly look up prime locations in the area or play on a Canadian online casino while you wait. On the other side of the country, B.C.’s Vancouver Island is home to winding hiking trails, like the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, filled with hundred-year-old trees, an otherworldly landscape, and incredible wildlife.

2. Bike in the Prairies, Especially Saskatchewan 

Travelers often overlook the prairies, but if you want to experience an incredible cycling adventure, don’t pass up Saskatchewan’s flat roads and spring breeze. With over 380 cycling routes, you’ll never have to take a break. While you’re cycling, make a stop at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park and ancient prairie lake for a Native American history lesson.

Alberta also has the famous Banff Legacy Trail, which runs for over 22.3 km. Most of Canada has numerous biking trails, all with their own flair and geographical landmarks. 

3. Experience Spring Skiing in Multiple Locations

Canada is known for being cold, even in the spring and summer. Most southern Canadian cities will range between 10-20 degrees celsius in the spring, but there are still multiple places to ski due to the sheer amount of mountains across the country. These ski resorts remain open.

  • Alberta, Banff National Park: Lake Louise Ski Resort
  • Alberta, Banff National Park: Sunshine Village
  • British Columbia, Fernie: Fernie Alpine Resort
  • British Columbia, Golden: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

You’ll have to act fast because some of these locations will close in June/July.

4. Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Alberta: Animal Encounters

As mentioned, there are over 80 000 different species in Canada, but none are more unique to the area than the northern creatures that can only survive in the harshest winters. Nunavut, one of Canada’s territories, is full of difficult to find animals like polar bears, muskoxen (a cross between a goat and an ox), caribou, walruses, narwhals, belugas, and bowhead whales.

Arctic Bay Adventures will let tourists look at these beautiful animals from a safe distance through binoculars. The Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta have similar parks that allow you to bear witness to the wood bison, an animal integral to multiple Native American societies. You may even see a moose on the roadside, a 1,000-pound animal that’s larger than a truck.

5. Sail on the Many Lakes and Oceans In and Around Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to a large chunk of Canada’s fishing industry. Every spring in Iceberg Alley, locals can watch the migration of icebergs, whales & birds all at once. It’s a unique site that draws millions of people worldwide for more than one reason. Near Iceberg Alley lies Battle Harbour, which is the place the Titanic unfortunately sank in 1912.

If boating is more your thing, you can take a boating trip in the Yukon’s historic Yukon River. In Nova Scotia, the 13,300 km coastline is fun to sail, and the Halifax Harbour or Bra d’Or Lake offer tours for those who don’t have their own seacrafts. Travelers who want a bit of luxury should try cruising on a catamaran along Cape Breton Island.


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