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4 Tips For A More Sustainable Outdoor Adventure

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For outdoorsy families, packing up the RV and heading out for a camping, hiking, hunting or fishing trip is the ultimate weekend getaway. However, when you love the outdoors and all the benefits you can get from it, it becomes your responsibility (more than ever) to take good care of it.

Caring for the environment is the only way to ensure we’ll still be enjoying its resources for generations to come, but how can you make your outdoor adventures more sustainable? Here are four easy tips for going green when you’re soaking up mother nature and all she has to offer.

Shop Smart

A key element of sustainability is not buying unnecessary stuff. However, outdoor trips are always going to require some type of gear, so the best you can do here is shop smarter for your trips.

For example, deciding to splurge and purchasing great hunting gear the first time around will mean your apparel lasts longer, won’t need to be replaced as soon and of course, won’t end up in a landfill after six months. Another option you have for gear and clothing is to shop second-hand. You might be surprised by what gems you find!

Opt For Reusables

A major way you can greenify your life – outdoor or otherwise – is by changing over to reusable items. This applies to your home and the items you take with you on trips. Think of every area you could change to reusable items.

Some examples are water bottles and coffee cups, napkins, cutlery and crockery, straws and bags. Single-use items are popular when camping – who wants to wash the dishes in the woods? As difficult as it may seem, it is possible and it’s worth it if you want to make a difference. Another option is to bring your dirty dishes home with you, but that might get gross.

Pack Your Own Snacks

You can also choose to bring your own unpackaged foods along with you. Instead of the usual bars and bags of chips, try some homemade snacks that you can put in containers or reusable sealer bags.

This will limit waste and prevent any littering mishaps that might have otherwise occurred. There’s not much worse than seeing a beautiful and peaceful part of nature being disturbed by protein bar wrappers and energy drink cans. Leave the pre-packaged goods at home and remember to take any waste away with you when you leave.

Use Solar Energy

On longer trips, there’s no way around the fact that you’re going to need some energy at some point. Whether to charge your devices or for other needs, you’ll probably be bringing a power source with you.

Investing in a portable solar panel can really change the game when it comes to powering up your outdoor trips. Solar energy options are obviously more sustainable, won’t cost you a cent after purchasing the equipment and make far less noise than a fuelled generator. There are absolutely no drawbacks to the investment, especially if you and your family are regular campers.

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