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4 Pro Tips for Smart Online Shopping

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There is very little that we cannot shop for online these days and the list of products/services we can find over the internet is only going to grow longer. That being said, not everyone knows enough about online shopping to make the best out of every option they have there. Instead of explaining what you may yourself be missing out on, let’s go through four pro tips which will actually help you become a smarter online shopper.

Find those Deals

We often see a space to enter discount coupon codes while checking out on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or just about any other e-retailer. Some ignore it, some don’t understand it, while others simply cannot find an applicable discount code for their order. Whatever the reason may be, every shopper who does not use a discount coupon code is potentially missing out on a deal. Therefore, our first pro tip for smarter online shopping is that you visit UpgradedReviews.com, find the best deal that’s available online, and save money on every purchase.

Review the Reviews

Thanks to the power of online marketing, you can find positive reviews for even the worst products these days! However, reviews can still help you make smarter buying decisions while making expensive online purchases. Keep the following pointers in mind because they will help you review the reviews!

  • Don’t trust reviews blindly just because they are posted on a reputed site, but reputed sites are still a lot less likely to host false reviews
  • Read the review thoroughly, irrespective of where they may have been posted
  • Biased reviews are very easy to tell from unbiased ones, because the former will inevitably promote the product without citing any real cons
  • Go to user forums and use Reddit to find user experience reviews which are moderated to keep promotional content out of the picture

Trust Your Prior Experiences

If you have had a bad shopping experience from a seller on any online marketplace (Amazon, Etsy), or from the company’s own retail website, trust your experience and avoid that seller/retailer in future. Similarly, when you have a good experience shopping online, try to support the honest sellers/retailers by sticking to them in future as well.

Surprising as it may seem, people usually forget both their good and bad online shopping experiences quite quickly, unless it was exceptionally extreme or the product/service in question was expensive. Bookmark your favorite sites and retailers, while keeping a blacklist of online shops you shouldn’t be coming back to. Trust your own shopping experience and build on it to become a smarter customer.

Be Careful with Credit Card Information

A recognized and trusted e-wallet such as PayPal can be used to act as a buffer between retailer sites and your credit card information. This creates an additional layer of protection between your online credit card info and the retailer site. This is advisable because stealing credit card information from websites is far too common a cybercrime to ignore.

Other than that, you should always disable international transactions on your credit card and put a limit on how much money can be spent from the card without a secondary mode of authentication. Don’t worry about your own transactions because the credit card provider’s site or app should allow you to both enable and disable such limits, as and when you need to.

The final and perhaps the most important piece of advice we have for online shoppers regarding cybersecurity is that you limit all financial transactions to only devices which are protected and updated against the latest threats on a regular basis.

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