Best of Drinks

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Best Brewery

Winner: Caldera

Honorable Mention: Walkabout
Honorable Mention (tie): Standing Stone
Honorable Mention (tie): Opposition Brewing Company


Best Winery

Winner: Del Rio

Hon. Mention: Red Lily
Hon. Mention: Roxy Ann


Best Margarita

Winner: Taqueria Picario

Hon. Mention: Agave
Hon. Mention: Habanero’s

Damon Claybeaux, Immortal Spirits

Best Bar

Winner: Immortal Spirits

Hon. Mention: Brickroom
Hon. Mention: Jefferson Spirits


Best Bartender

Winner: Damon Claybeaux (Immortal Spirits)

Hon. Mention: Kalea McKenna (Elements)
Hon. Mention: Zeke Hudson (Alchemy)


Best Dive Bar

Winner: Beau Club

Hon. Mention: Gypsy
Hon. Mention: Talent Club


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