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2020 Integration: Co-creating a New Year and Decade with the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

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Social constructs of time and change have been governing human activity and beliefs in all cultures. 2020 has a major impact on our collective consciousness because of the way it is seen as a powerful time of redefining where we are at in however we’ve been taught about human history.

Our thoughts about ourselves and society determine all the outcomes we see around us. In a Chinese medicine perspective, all aspects of the body, the elements in nature, and living beings are interconnected. We must see the whole picture in order to truly be in a state of harmony. 2020 marks a time where our integration with all around us is necessary to co-create this harmony we all desire.

What does this mean? Integration contains the word integrity. This reveals exactly how we will build strong foundations of societal harmony; are we living in our natural truths or following programmed agendas that aren’t allowing a state of true health? The answer is easy if you are anyone who knows we live in an unbalanced world.

Each Chinese New Year recognizes a symbolic animal and element. 2020’s metal rat represents tenacity and structure. The metal element provides inspiration, spiritual truth, solid organization, firm boundaries, and sharp, focused thinking. The rat is the most tenacious, productive, abundantly wealthy Chinese astrology animal, the first of the 12 in fact. I see this year’s metal rat as the leader of a decade of expansive spiritual wealth. Not only is this necessary for reviving our health and societal harmony, but also our entire human evolution.

It’s time we set our boundaries with the programs and divisive devices that are separating us from our natural health, truths, and each other. The metal rat of 2020 reveals how we can be genuinely fulfilled when we direct our thoughts towards what we are creating for the world around us. As the most powerfully creative species, we’ve seen that every movement, every tool, and every creation began as a thought. Are we using our thoughts to their full potential or are we too busy indulging in and consuming the thoughts of others, and if so, are they really encouraging our unique abilities or distracting us from them?

I love working with families with children in my practice. Chinese medicine helps reconnect families to revive our planet. When families are aligning with their natural healing capabilities, the effect ripples out to their community. They are more aware of how to address the needs of the world and build a structure of regenerative love for next generations. Children are raised by how we raise ourselves; they are raised by the societal infrastructure around them. Are we contributing to a structure that includes, nourishes, and is safe for a child’s spiritual abundance? Are we building a world that lives in harmony with nature, or all we all feeling lost and confused with how to do this when the oppressive system seems so pervasively permanent?

The good news is that since all systems of oppression were created out of fear and illusory programming, we have all the resources we need to build a new, authentic way of living. We must be tenacious like the rat, as sharp as metal, and focus our energy on bringing our community together to build a structured foundation for all of our resources we have right here. We don’t need anything that distracts us from our natural connections. Once we shut off the artificial entertainment, quit intoxicating our bodies with temporary highs, and realize how limitless we are in our capabilities, we see how powerful we truly are. We are so much more than we’ve been told we can achieve.

Welcome to our new year, new decade, and renewed Golden age. Are you ready to co-create the changes that are meant to be?


Eleyah Knight is a mother of two, licensed acupuncturist, and regional director of nonprofit Legacy Earthkeepers Academy of Permculure (L.E.A.P.). She is working diligently to build nature-immersion and connective opportunities for families and needs your involvement for our Golden age to unfold. You can contact her at SOdirector@earthkeepersacademy.org. Her clinic’s website is SiskiyouClinic.com. She accepts insurance that covers acupuncture, including OHP.

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