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LETTERS: Issue of July 23

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Re: Gilbert’s Response to Our reponse to “Sterling,” Who Responded to “Bugsy”

When you wrote to The Messenger asking they clarify their editorial position regarding letters, it seemed like you’re trying to pull some sort of “gotcha,” to pin them into an idealogical box of some sort. Which is really bizarre. It’s a letters to the editor section, not FOX News.

-Saxon Brooks


Re: Typo in Article About how Many Pot Plants You Can Grow

So excited that I can grow “up to 4 planets” at my residence!

-Ashton Julie

How does one grow a “planet,” and if you are over 21 and still living at home, hopefully you can do better than under a sink

-Greg Askins

If you don’t know how to grow a planet, then clearly you haven’t smoked enough yet.



Re: Our Suggestion To Grow Pot Under Your Sink Because Your Mom Probably Won’t Find it There

Obviously hurting for news with their “under the sink growing” STUPIDITY AT ITS BEST

-Marsha Carrino

D’aw shucks. Thanks, Marsha! We thought it was at its best, too!



Re: Gray Areas of Legalization

About student aid being canceled and jobs–when I went to college, many people I know paid for their education by bringing a trunk full of weed to campus each term.

-Henry Bono


Re: The Six Trimmers You’ll Meet at Every Pot Farm

You forgot the anarchist who thinks they are somehow beating the system they hate. They hate money too but gotta live somehow.

-Tia Rose

Also, the guy that keeps trying to watch movies or TV.

-Robin Bullard



Flashflooding near Ashland Creek on July 7. T’was bonkers!


Correction: In the GO HERE section of our June 25 issue, we misstated the length of the first zipline at Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure. It is 132 feet, not 20. They also no longer give a tour of a gold mine before ziplining. The picture we ran also shows a different kind of braking system than RVZA employs. The Messenger regrets the error.

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