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Reverberays: Southern Oregon’s in-land surf band!

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As part of the Messenger‘s annual Music Guide, we are proud to profile local musicians–and provide a music track!

Reverberays: Southern Oregon’s in-land surf band!

RVM: What is your latest project?  

Our latest project has been yet another basement demo which includes a couple of new original songs. (They can be listened to in their entirety from our website. Some of our originals can also be found and downloaded from Bandcamp, by the way. We are always learning and I hope always improving. At the very least we are always adding songs to our set lists.
RVM: Did quarantine change how you approach your music?  

Since playing live was out of the question, we spent more time introducing new songs, both originals and covers.

RVM: Did it make you more excited for live shows? 

We have always been excited for live shows, but the absence of live shows for such a long time had a huge impact on us. The fact that we have always been the kind of band that gets booked for outdoor events helped with some of the trepidation that goes along with returning to the gigs.

RVM: Did you discover any new music for yourself during quarantine?  

Partly as a result of hearing interesting soundtracks from interesting movies/series we discovered Phantom Dragster (a Mexican surf band) and La Chamber (a band from LA that mixes different psychedelic influences with Peruvian music.)Really, these are just a couple that come to mind but there are many more  bands that I should mention. In any case, surf music can be inspired by a lot of different styles, so our listening habits don’t always conform to our playing habits.

Upcoming shows

8:30 pm Sat, August 28, Port O’Pints, Crescent City

9 pm, Sat, Oct 9, Johnny B’s, Medford

8 pm, Dec 10, Grape Street Bar & Grill

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