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How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

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‘Merica, ‘Anada and ‘Exico

Much as it can seem like it at this time of year, America is not the only country in the world. We even have other countries totally, ahem, “touching us down south” like creeps. And since those neighbors can direct influence on our cultural, economic and political existence, we should probably know a thing or two about them so that we can better keep up with the Juanses.

Here’s a quiz about the culture and history of our neighboring nations.

1) Canada has gained its independence from Great Britain by which means?

  1. In 1874 a spy poisoned some poutine that was later fed to a group of British Generals, thus allowing the rebellious Canadians to sink a majority of the British fleet in the Battle of St Lawrence.
  2. Canada evolved from a group of colonial provinces into a nation through a remarkably peaceful and slowly negotiated process that is too boring to explain.
  3. When the British tried to outlaw the extreme sport of curling in 1864 a rebellious political group known as the Jerry Curls led an uprising that resulted in an armed clash.
  4. In 1867, as the British started to run low on wig powder, the governors of the Canadian provinces negotiated a British withdrawal allowing for autonomy of the provinces in exchange for 759 tons of pure maple syrup.

2) Puerto Rico:

  1.  Received its first shipment of African slaves in 1513.
  2. Is home to the highest mountains of any island nation in the world.
  3. Is hotter than fuck during the months of August and September.
  4. Was “discovered” by Columbus on his second voyage to the new world.
  5. Both a, c, and d are true.

3) True or False?

The city of Seattle refuses to officially recognize the city of Toronto because, as Eddie Vedder, the former mayor of Seattle said, “Your CN Tower is a total rip-off of our Space Needle.”

4) The Mexican Revolution occurred:

  1.  In 1878, resulting in the deaths of about 20,350 people, mostly in the state of Jalisco.
  2. Was resolved on May 5th of 1799, resulting in the popular holiday that bears its name.
  3.  Was a relatively short war, lasting only 3 months ending in 1905.
  4. Lasted from 1910 to 1920 and resulted in at least 1 million deaths, and possibly more than 3 million.

Answers below.

1-b, 2-e, 3-False, 4-d

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