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LETTERS: Issue of June 25

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Re: Local Little League Still Striving for Gender Equity

Equality is not an issue with boys and girls youth baseball/softball programs. It’s the lack of population and the interest in our local baseball/softball programs. More boys play baseball than girls. The girls Little League Softball program does have a season ending tournament and it’s at US Cellular starting June 26. The District 6 All-Stars. Ashland Little League supports boys and girls participation equally.

-Terrence Han

Re: Hit the Road, Hack!

Congrats on getting back up but do you think WordPress has never been hacked? Drupal is far superior.

-Phil Johnson

Oh, Phil, you rascally CMS hipster. Of course we know WordPress is also hackable. But we also know that we’re now safe because of these magic beans we scored out near Williams, which is why we aren’t taking other security precautions that we then aren’t discussing in print because that would undermine said non-existent security measures. WINKY FACE PUNCTUATION!


Re: Local Band and Local Beer Pairings

[My vote for] best pairing: Ol’ Mount’n Due and whiskey. That’s not a beer? So what.

-Curt Evans

RE: Harvest according to “Bugsy”

My husband and I and a friend had a wonderful dinner at Harvest just a few weeks ago. The atmosphere was quite pleasant, and the staff handled the filled tables well. Our server was delightful, had a keen sense of humor, and made us feel relaxed and “at home.”

Our various meals were among the very best we’ve ever had out. We moved here last October from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I can assure you that the same quality of food, and the presentation, would easily set one back at least twice as much there. We were enthusiastic enough that the chef did come to our table, and we enjoyed a short, but pleasant conversation. All told, it was a memorable evening—especially cuisine-wise!—and we will be back. We also gave them five stars on Yelp.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, and in retail. You never “bar” someone unless their behavior is offensive in the extreme; it is the “last ditch” option. I wonder what Bugsy’s party did to provoke such a reaction. The writer displays immoderate hostility, and readers should take his comments with a very large portion of salt.

In conclusion, I can’t understand why you would print such a venomous, obviously foundationless letter, which could be so damaging. Isn’t the idea to support local business?



We welcome all letters, no matter how venomous or foundationless. In fact, that usually makes them more interesting.


Snapshot 6/25

A shot of Emigrant “Lake” outside Ashland towards the end of last summer. Will this summer be as dry? Time will tell.

Have a cool photo you’d like to see published? Send it to editorial@roguevalleymessenger.com with the subject line “SNAPSHOT.”

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