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In a series of 5 bi-weekly classes, learn about the impact of human activities on global warming. Determine your carbon footprint and investigate alternatives and techniques to reduce your carbon footprint to help reduce global warming and its consequences. For more information, contact Seldom

This group was formed at the Rogue Basin Climate Summit in October. This is the second post-summit meeting of this group. TENTATIVE AGENDA 1. Introductions 2. Wise Project update 3. Rogue Basin Partnership a. Membership application and summary of the Jan 25 general meeting b. Support letter for the RBP

The Lake County Resources Initiative, Executive Director Jim Walls will discuss why and how Lake County initiated efforts to stimulate renewable energy, how successful the project has been, and what lessons might be valuable for Jackson County.

What should SOCAN be doing?  As we reflect on the success of the Rogue Basin Climate Summit and the energy that was generated, how should we move forward in 2016? Please join us as we reflect on our collective future. Everyone involved in SOCAN, whether a frequent participant in Leadership

This group is hosted monthly by people at Mountain Meadows  – anybody who wants to come is invited. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss SOCAN events and activities as well as other issues related to Climate Change. You don’t have to live in the Mountain Meadows complex, or even