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Hailing from Utah, ThePianoGuys are four dads who became an Internet sensation by way of their immensely successful series of strikingly original self-made music videos. They’ve made over 50 since early 2011, including their hit video, an innovative multi-handed version of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and a gorgeous

Britt is proud to present this intimate indoor performance with Moody Little Sister, as part of their CD release tour. In this special off-season event, the stage doors will be closed, the audience will be seated on the Britt stage, and the backstage area will be turned into a lobby/lounge.

Whittled down, the name Patchy Sanders becomes a mythical muse, an unknown source of inspiration and beauty.  Based out of Ashland, they are six: Danielle(banjo…) and Jacqui Aubert (vocal), Dan Sherrill (guitar…), Sara Wilbur (violin…), Ian Van Ornum (mandolin…), and Eric Jones (bass). Working with eclectic themes from dreams, fairy-tales, after-life, wild lands, etc. Patchy crafts stream-of-conciousness story music with an emphasis on melody and lyrics. These

Primus’ Les Claypool was a couple months shy of his eighth birthday when Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory debuted in movie theaters. The movie became a perennial favorite that Claypool would revisit over the years, taking something different away from it each time. So it seemed equal parts genius

“Everyone needs to be risking something,” says Seattle-based singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, discussing the M.O. behind The Firewatcher’s Daughter, her stunning new release. The 12-song collection marks a triumphant return after a three-year recording hiatus, and her strongest, most rock & roll album to date. Since her 2005 debut, Carlile and

In season 9 of Emmy-nominated Last Comic Standing, the top 100 comics in America will vie for 40 spots. These 40 continue to the semifinal round, and the best of the best will emerge, with the top 10 moving into the compelling head-to-head round. Top-ten contestants will be paired in

Like the 1960s themselves, The Turtles were a remarkable harmonic convergence that served up the most innocent psychedelia that California could deliver. For five years of hits and 40 more of memories, their legacy has grown stronger every time their name gets mentioned. Today that sound continues to be a

Punch Brothers’ latest album, the T Bone Burnett–produced The Phosphorescent Blues, addresses with straight-up poignancy and subversive humor the power and the pitfalls of our super-connected era. Digitally fueled isolation may be a theme, but this virtuosic acoustic quintet offers its warmest, most emotive and elegantly melodic work to date.

She sings the songs, and he plays them. Along the way, the union of Pat Benatar and Neil “Spyder” Giraldo has become one of the most successful in music history, and their legacy continues to be celebrated across the globe. The rock duo’s exceptional journey began with their debut album,

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Kacey Musgraves released her debut album, Same Trailer Different Park, to massive critical acclaim and recognition. The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart making her the first solo female in five years to open at No. 1 with a rookie release. The album