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In last month’s column I suggested that people obtain their genetic information by sending in their saliva (and $199) to, and thereby gain access to a wealth of genetic information. I said I would share the story of one particular woman this month. Her name is Julie and she

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday. The days are short on sunlight, the weather is damp and cold and the trees are bare. It is a time to be with family.  Hopefully this is an enjoyable experience!  (Jonny Carson once quipped “People travel thousands of miles on Thanksgiving to be

Genetic testing was once done only for medical research or personal disease risk where there is a strong family history. No more! Anyone can now obtain detailed information on tens of thousands of genes (amid a total of 3 billion different human genes) by visiting and sending in a

It is worth bringing up sweets again. After all, we are now less than two weeks away from Halloween and it also is part of the Jewish tradition at this time of year to consume apples and honey, a gastronomic wish for a sweet new year.   The 21st century

Last month, in A Brief Insight Into Diabetes Part I, I discussed the basic tenets of Type II diabetes, the form of the illness that is increasing in epidemic proportions. I focused primarily on lifestyle changes. This month, I am going to focus more on testing and treatment. If you

Let us make a very important and clear statement about Cannabis right now: Cannabis is a safe, effective and natural plant medicine. This is not based on opinion, conjecture or wishful thinking. This is medically, scientifically and statistically true. “Cannabis sativa,” the true scientific name for “marijuana,” has been in

In general, health care professionals do a good job of explaining how patients need to prepare for surgery and recovery. But we don’t always explain why these instructions are important. Here are common rules for surgery—and why it’s vital to follow them. Before surgery: Don’t eat or drink within eight

Hard to believe summer has flown by and we’re already thinking about the annual ritual of preparing for the school year—from new clothes to new learning. One of the most important factors for anyone who wants to have the best possible brain function is to get enough sleep. Sleep must

We’re into the delicious season of mid-summer: ripe fruit, golden corn and lazy summer evenings. Looking around this issue of the Messenger will remind us that we’re also delighting in summer cocktails—so delicious when paired gracefully with fresh fruit or a balmy outdoor meal or concert. Ambrosia of the season!

Recently two young women, both of whom I like and admire tremendously, have approached me on the subject of anxiety. Now coincidentally, my book group just read an encyclopedic, amusing but ultimately disheartening book (My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel) about anxiety. If one of my friends read that