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To a ski resort, “green” isn’t necessarily a good word. It can mean a lean year and patches where the snow is gone and the grass is showing. But in a 21st century, post-Al Gore framework, “green” also can mean something completely different: A sustainable business model and environmentally-friendly practices

For those who celebrate Christmas, cutting and decorating a Christmas tree often stands among the happiest holiday memories. With the recent shortage of trees, though, it may seem tricky to find a tree to harvest without going the store-bought artificial route. Thankfully there are still options for fresh trees, and

  No, not pinned as in Pinterest, or pinned at the homecoming dance. Pinned as in straining for what seems like your life with someone who is your same weight. The only advantage is strength and skill. Eagle Point Youth wrestling coach Tony Stanfield fills us in on the massive

Thanksgiving is fast upon us, meaning it’s time to start planning the massive meal at home or deciding where you’re going to go for the U.S.’s greatest feast of the year. Several Rogue Valley restaurants have hosted Thanksgiving dinner to the public throughout the years, but here are a couple

Down 0-1 last Saturday against Chemeketa (Salem) with under ten minutes to play, the Rogue Community College Men’s Soccer team pressed for a tying goal. Crosses and dribbling runs from forwards Stenley Graham and Jose Gallegos and midfielder Alejandro Velazquez flew into Chemeketa’s penalty area. RCC could not allow a

Halloween is a time for shadows and chilling wind, a time for laughter and frightful sneers of pumpkin faces, a time for Trick-or-Treating! This favorite tradition of All Hallow’s Eve is alive and well in the Rogue Valley this year. So, if you are brave enough (and have enough of

Autumn is here once again, and with it comes to glorious bounty of the harvest. The shadows grow longer, the golden sunsets set the sky on fire, and smells like wood, caramel and straw bring back memories of harvest traditions and happy Halloween nights. When approaching the Harry & David

With only 10 minutes left in their game on September 30, the SOU Raiders were, once again, firmly in control, up 24-10 over Rocky Mountain. It was becoming a common position; dominating the game with high offense scores. But in the fourth quarter, their opponents suddenly turned the tables, racking

  As summer fires and smoke dissipate here in Southern Oregon its back to hiking its picturesque trails, and fall hikes are like walking through nature’s art. If it’s the autumn hues of golds and reds you’re after ample color can be found in these three nearby day-hikes. Grizzly Peak

Being a Cubs’ fan is a religious experience. Or, at least so say Cub fans, and writer Mark Scarpaci is one of those, and he has poured that love of the Cubs, of baseball, and of friendship into “Wrigley Sanders.” The novel draws from Cubs’/ storied folklore and heartbreak, as